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New Forum Messages not showing on top   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 1/26/18 by krathyn1 (Phantom7031); 2304 views.

why do some forums not show the New Forum Messages to Me on the top of the screen when new messages come in?
My forum, the Paratransit Forum does this and at least two of Shorty's forums The Name Forum and US Transportation Forum do the same. The only way to know if there is a new message for you is to actually go to the forum unless you have email notifications that work and we all know how reliable  that is! 
Is there something a host or assistant can do to change this, is it in the way they are set up?

It seems like it would be better if the forum had this piece of publicity that other forums have.

Are you ok with me testing on your forum? I'd post to myself or might use my lurkmagnet ID and this one.

sure go ahead--webtag is paritransit

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I can confirm this - very weird. All three of those forums are doing it. I even put them in my favorites thinking it was a quirk, but they are not showing the messages in the nav frame section. They do on the My Forums page as she has said.

I will log out tonight and see if it's the same in the morning.

Has it always been like this or is this just recently?


From: gunter


k - let us know if they're still not showing today.

they have been like this since they started. just got around to thinking there might be something we can do.

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Still not showing (and the post I have not read at the Name forum is not showing on the My Forums page either)

Seriously weird becasue they were all opened at different times.


From: gunter


Were you the original owner of your forum or was it Shorty like the other two?