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New Forum Messages not showing on top   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 1/26/18 by krathyn1 (Phantom7031); 2307 views.

they have been like this since they started. just got around to thinking there might be something we can do.

In reply toRe: msg 6

Still not showing (and the post I have not read at the Name forum is not showing on the My Forums page either)

Seriously weird becasue they were all opened at different times.


From: gunter


Were you the original owner of your forum or was it Shorty like the other two?

i started the Paratransit Forum myself-did  not adopt it from Shorty. i am the original owner-date 1/1/ 2013

US Tranist was 2014 and Naming which was the most affected was 2015.

Shorty is A for Paritransit and i am A for the other two that are hers. 


From: gunter


thanks, I've let tech know.

I cannot see anything on the forum side (they let me in Controls) and nothing weird with the webtags.

i found another forum of Shorty's that also does this.

"TV and Radio Shows of the Past" (webtag tv/radio)

started 2/25/17