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Several People posting items Not wanted.   Message Board

Started 1/30/18 by Ginny (1NativeAngel); 481 views.

From: gunter


The forum is not on full moderation. As Assistant you can do that if desired.

(I notice there are some really old messages waiting in moderation, perhaps due to word filtering, which can be deleted or released.)

If you do want to set the forum to full moderation:

Start in Controls, Forum Management, Forum Moderation,  and mark 'All messages will be moderated'. Submit.

Then in Forum Management, Set Privileges, on the bottom press 'Grant Voice to All'.  All your recent posters will have their messages go through as before.

Now ever so often - once a day or more if you have lots of new members coming in - open the Forum Moderation page to see if there are new messages waiting to be approved, or simply deleted without ever showing up in the forum itself.  Use Grant Voice on new messages if you want the poster to have future messages go right through. 

let us know how it goes ...

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Ginny (1NativeAngel)

From: Ginny (1NativeAngel)



Thank you so much for you help I will let you know if I have any other problems.