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Send a PM    Basic Help for Hosts

Started 2/1/18 by keithr3579; 1172 views.

From: keithr3579


I was thinking about contacting you on this, but figured the host forum would deliver.  I did type in the link with the ID at the end and it takes me back to the new PM option; Browse Profiles.  I have scanned through a few of the seemingly never ending pages with no luck.  As for his ID, I prefer to not disclose it.   As you understand it, one can no longer utilize the PM method to send a PM to a member without already have a conversation on my list.  Is that so?  Being an old fuddy-duddy, I no long for the good old days of last week. 

If the link is not taking you to that members profile but to the Browse Profile page you either have their membername misspelled or they closed their account. Or Delphi did. 


From: keithr3579


Drat.  I do miss the good old weeks.  Thanks for your time.

You are welcome - sorry you lost touch with your friend.