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Is Delphi Switching To An All Zeta Fo...   Administrative Issues

Started 2/7/18 by RCBZ; 2721 views.
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From: RedBV


In classic can - like a message, that has been around for several years, have been able to do color themes for years, same with background images . . . 

I am specifically asking what features can only be coded by using the new zeta platform . . . that are not able to be coded under the classic platform . . . and not that it is easier under zeta to code something . . . but specifically can't be done in classic . . .

For example - under classic assist wizards have been around for years . . . when you say multiple wizards - are you saying that a zeta forum can have multiple wizards that can exert the very same control over all controls of forum . . . if that is the case, then Delphi has made it possible for non forum owners to lock out forum owners . . .

As another example - a number of years back modified an owned forum with CSS . . . some things that could be done with CSS, Delphi didn't allow to be done . . . not unlike, over the years, some HTML was blocked . . . along with various widgets (so ta say) were blocked from use . . .

Anyway . . .





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From: Cstar1


It's up to you which interface you use in your forums. If you prefer Classic, that's just fine. Personally, I much prefer Zeta. :)

  • Edited February 8, 2018 9:23 pm  by  Cstar1

From: RedBV


Yes it is, and like many forum owners prefer classic . . . it's a shame it is being phased out, as it was and still is the best platform Delphi has had . . . 

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What Classic feature has your forum lost? What is being phased out?


From: RedBV


"However, all new development and any new features offered will be in the Zeta format, so Classic forums will not be able to use them."

Even though we pay the same amount for a premium membership . . . not ta mention what basic users can use in zeta that are not available in classic . . .

Bottom line, Delphi itself has indicated that classic is being phased out and only being offered for the foreseeable future . . . how long that will last is up in the air . . .

Frankly, would venture to say that zeta didn't work out to the level it was hoped . . . and that played a major role in allowing classic to hang around . . . 

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And then I say something and then you rebut and FINALLY it dawns on me...

Dude, just take it


From: RedBV


Oh golly gee, excuse me for not buying what you're trying to sell and telling you why . . . which is actually what has dawned on you, kid . . .

It is real simple - the thread is about if Delphi is switching from the Classic format to the Zeta format . . . the answer to that is - Delphi is switching to the Zeta format . . . it still offers the Classic format for the foreseeable future . . . how long that will last, having the Classic format, remains to be seen . . . 

Bottom line - from the beginning of Zeta, Delphi has stated there will be little if any work done on the Classic format . . . in development parlance that means as Classic breaks down it will in all likely hood not be fixed and have little if any support (what amounts to dying a slow death) . . . further, that as Zeta is further developed, any such development that affects/effects the Classic format . . . to bad so sad (which is the case with the new PM format) . . .

If you don't like dealing with those cold hard facts, not my problem . . . but play your dismissive game if ya like, it reflects well on you and likely reflects what Delphi thinks of the many many folks that like the Classic format over Zeta . . . 

Anyway . . .



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I deal just fine with facts Red, I just happen to get mine from the source.

Classic is working as well as it did before Zeta. 


From: RedBV


And what in my post was supposedly not factual, since that is the implication you wish to impart . . .

As to your claim - actually it isn't . . . i.e. the PM function . . . then there is the issue just posted a question on - what happened to a member being able to view zeta forums as classic . . .

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Love the new PM! Big improvement! 

Not sure what member can’t view forums as Classic but I’m sure that can be worked out. It’s working fine for me!