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Can Not Open any posts in one of my folders.   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 2/9/18 by GracieNan and Johnny (GRACEREJOICE); 1473 views.

Hello Kid I have given you access and Gunter which i thought you had access.  Thank you.. were going to fix the mess I made you said I changed things and it was date sensitive or something like that.  OK I hope you can help or I will just have to not have use of that folder.  Thank you.

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Are any of the private folders - sensitive posts? I'd need access to them all. Or you can try this if they are.

First create a new discussion in that folder and add a couple of posts. Just test posts they don't need to say anything more than Test. After you have posted and replied a few times click on the folder heading and see if more messages popped up. If not you can click in ALL on the List of discussions drop down and then scroll down to see it there is a next fifty showing... if so click that.

It looks however like you may have deleted all your old messages? If you have they may truly be gone and the folder total is just out of whack.

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


I think your message to me in your forum is in a private folder I do not have access to, so I will reply here. 

I think it is fine to use that folder, there likely is not any hidden messages but even if there was and they suddenly popped up you could just remove them. 

Check Manage Folders under Forum Management in controls and make sure you have Read access set correctly (to your preferences) Many are restricted to Some.

Kid thank you.  Oh yes I forgot to give access to private folders.  Duh on me!  I agree with what you shared and I will check out what things are set as.  Thank you kindly for your help.