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Message Text   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 11/12/18 by Dara (AHFan); 477 views.
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Dara (AHFan)

From: Dara (AHFan)


This is an old forum that I'm reconstructing as an entirely different forum, so for the time being, I have it set to 'Private'.  If you need me to change any settings  so that you can get in, let me know.
...Oh... I'm still working on the color scheme, so right now, it's a mess.  confused

Thank you!

You'll need to grant him access  - unless he was there before your switch to private. I can take a look if you like, you'd need to grant me access though.

You can set a Group Registration Code in Controls on your Main Settings page near the bottom (add a word or whatever to the box and click on submit) then Private Message it to gunter and me if you like.

Do you know how to Private Message? Clcik on our name on a post here and a small screen pops up with out profile pic and some likes. Send Private Message is one.

oh - or just change it to Public... lol

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Dara (AHFan)

From: Dara (AHFan)


Check messages.

I replied via PM - that one post is just grabbing code form the original page it was posted on. I do see a problem with the list of discussions. If you like I can help but it's easier if I have access to your Style Sheet in Controls (not impossible without though so if you are not happy to give me those controls please don't worry, I'll still do what I can to help you)

Dara (AHFan)

From: Dara (AHFan)


Thanks for all your help!  blush