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Chat Moderation   Chat

Started 11/23/18 by Kakes2; 468 views.

From: Kakes2


Chatting in zeta it is easy to put the chat room on moderation and easy to recognize when it is on moderation. However, if you chat using JAVA or IRC there is no way, that I know of,  for any ADMIN to put the room on moderation or to tell that the room is on moderation unless told by one of the other ADMINs chatting using zeta.

I cannot be online 24/7 and must rely on Admins to be able to protect the room and our regular members. With the beginning of the holiday season it has already brought out the TROLLS. I need a way for all ADMINS no matter what program they use to chat to be able to perform all functions.

Is there any way for JAVA and IRC users to perform the commands for putting a chat room on moderation and any way for them to tell when they enter the room??  Thank you

  • Edited November 23, 2018 5:31 pm  by  Kakes2
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From: gunter


 I think there are more option that work with java and irc, some may not have been activated in Zeta.

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From: Kakes2


Thanks gunter I will share this URL with my Admins, appreciate your help. 

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Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


If you view your forum in Zeta and click on Controls then Chat you can actual edit the rooms with various things including moderation (if you wanted it on all the time) I manage Sassy's chatbot in Zeta and make adjustments to her rooms (Welcome message, topics, room names etc) that way as well. is the link for viewing your forum as Zeta (without changing it) and you'll find the link for Controls on the left (collapse Discussions if you do not immediately see it) If you accidentally blow something up (BTDT) and need help let us know here and we'll superhero it back for you. (I say with complete confidence whilst dragging Delphi's staff into my promise lol)


From: Kakes2


LOL thank you Kid,  SuperKid to the rescue :)  I will pass that on to the admins that chat using java and irc.