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Private Folders   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 12/1/18 by Glyn (Settler73); 855 views.
In reply toRe: msg 2

I'm a DelphiPlus member and a moderator for a new forum.  I tried setting up a Staff folder (private) for me and the host, however one of the posters said they can see the folder and can post in it.  What is wrong with the set up and how do I make it private for only two of us?  Thanks


From: gunter


Members logged in when you made the change may not see the difference until after a logout or after clearing their browsing history.

It's best not to use limited access folders like this for a day or so for sensitive posts.

If the forum allows guests you can always visit without logging in to see what others see, or use another account to check as well. Another browser comes in handy for this.

I can check more if you post a link to the forum.

  • Edited July 17, 2019 8:42 am  by  gunter