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Changing the name of my Forum.   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 5/10/19 by Dambust3r; 277 views.

From: Kidmagnet


Yeah no worries, if Delphi can withstand me they can you as well.

Go ahead and look through all parts of your Controls (after you make the name change and just to let you know, there is a character limit for Forum Titles - I think it's 40 ish.) Click things, try stuff out ask questions and have fun. Pretty much anything (normal) can be fixed/reversed.


From: Dambust3r


Great to hear from you Kid!

... I think I've changed the 'title' of my Forum...

(Always great to hear from you)...

I wanted to 'publicize' a little bit more about 'wearing tights in public'  - as in this day and age, more Men are becoming 'Metro/Cosmo"... I just think it would be nice to see Guys able to wear Pantyhose/Tights openly - 

I do.

It's not easy, cos' nobody else does. ... Hubba - Hubba !

Best regards to you Kid - as always -

Dambuster (James).