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Zeta - Background error   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Jun-13 by Kidmagnet; 1032 views.

From: Kidmagnet


gunter said:

Are you saying your background showed in my forum?

Yes and I just made a change and it now sports this

As is Paul's

Hopefully it's late enough at night that no one noticesĀ  it seems to only last a short time.

gunter said:

Tech figured out the upload error and looking for a fix.

Ahhh! You're explanation makes sense and thank you for the work around the host I have been helping will be happy to continue customizing the theme.

The ability to upload a Delphi background and have it appear on other forms is odd BUT not new! When we were testing the (then) new customizing out I had noticed that my background image uploaded to one forum was showing up on one of my others! I showed Cstar screenshots and we both thought the whole thing must be on my end. Now I know it was not.

In reply toRe: msg 25

From: Kidmagnet


Gunter's Forum has Stories enabled and Paul's has a custom Classic theme (there is a conflict between having a custom theme in both Classic and Zeta, Paul's Zeta one is a Delphi stock theme so... I don't know why it is being affected by a background image change on an unrelated forum.

Your backgrounds are now back to normal as well.