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Search Function Issue   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 8/18/21 by YoungGandalf; 5209 views.

From: YoungGandalf


Interesting. I hope that gives your crew some new avenue for searching the cause.




Recently, I couldn't respond to posts on two Zeta forums. I could see the message and even type a response but the apply never worked.

Later, I went to "preferences" and checked "View all Zeta forums in Classic mode".

Now I get to see all forums in Classic mode and also I am able to reply to posts.

In reply toRe: msg 37

From: YoungGandalf


Still no change. It is killing my forum, which is in significant part based on people searching what was said some days ago. If on does not respond right away one can hardly find a message again.

Song~ (_Song_)

From: Song~ (_Song_)


I'm also have the same search issues on YoungGandalf's forum. So far that is the only forum where it's been consistent for a number of weeks now. It's happening on other forums I go to, but more sporadically.

From: gunter


Sorry this continues being a problem. 

adding to the report ... thanks  ...


From: Kidmagnet


Webtag midnightcastle is also reporting problems with search.

Off to see if I can get you more details. 


From: Kidmagnet


I'm using Classic - the problem exists in both Classic and Zeta but I am interested as well in the timestamps.

At the Opinion Forum using various member searches and the following criteria

Updated From:  3 months

Order by: Newest First

I'm getting most results dated either Sept 12(and some of the the members had posted on the 13th) or 13 however I have also gotten some (far fewer) from Sept 21 (this poster had posted the next day but that did not show up).  Sept 25

Repeating at midnighcastle

Pretty much the same (Sept 13) but....


Note the discrepancy in the dates for the timestamp on the post vs the search result. Allow for the possibility that it is giving me Eastern time zone on the post and my time zone (pacific) on the results and you are still off by several minutes. AND in other cases the time stamp was even later in the evening of the 12th but did not show up as the 13th on the result.

webtag campfiers1

Same wonky results - mainly Sept 13 but a few are the 12th or even the 10/11 but the member posted between then and the 13th.

Noted another date discrepancy

Oh and Search is not broken on all forums.


From: Kidmagnet


Kidmagnet said...

Oh and Search is not broken on all forums.

I cannot figure out WHY it is only broken in some!

Brenda often reports search out at Jesus' Place but then it works when we visit. So that's one I am keeping my eye on cause currently it works.

(I am not obsessed... it is a hobby, I can quit bug hunting anytime. My eye is NOT twitching! :D)



From: Kidmagnet


Kidmagnet said:

webtag campfiers1 Same wonky results

AND... now it works there! But still not at the other two I mentioned.


From: Kidmagnet


It's been on and off at webtag midnightcastle - so odd that it works fine then gets stuck - over and over!