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Posting images   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Sep-16 by Dambuster (Dambust3r); 258 views.

From: Kidmagnet


Dambust3r said:

I would like to post some images that I found on Google.

Dambust3r said:

have them impossible to be copied or/and 'similar image search' option - also denied, especially for people who are just surfing my FORUM for images and links.

These are images you have posted without copyright permissions? And you wish to protect them from others who want to do the same...?

Irony aside the only way to protect your (hopefully original or posted with permission) content is to use a restricted access folder.

Thanks for the advice Kidmagnet, 

As for copyright activity,  sorry, but I can't tell if the author posted them willingly on the internet to the world to see or not.

I think that the usual problem with copyright is when someone profits personally from someone elses work,  without requesting permission, declaring it, or 'stealing it'.... I had many meetings with a French singer (Michel Sardou) over copyright and authors rights, meetings with SACEM in Paris and the MCPS in London. regarding translations/adaptations. 

It was darned complicated! But I appreciate what you are saying. However, voluntarily posting images on the net that you don't want anyone to copy but not telling them, allowing them to use tools to copy the image, then complaining will get the author nowhere. 

All the best Kidmagnet.



From: Kidmagnet


You're welcome - either way the private folder is probably the only way to protect content.

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Thanks kid'

Have a great day!