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showing sigs   Everything Else

Started 11/13/21 by February Babe (wtraves); 826 views.

Can someone please help me, One of my ladies cannot see any of the sigs I put in my replies to her, she can see what I type just not my sigs, I have asked a couple of other ladies to come in and see if they see them and they all can see them fine.

I would appreciate your help


Knotpicky (RUTA)

From: Knotpicky (RUTA)


If she's a Plus member, she can filter out other members' signatures. That setting should be somewhere in her Preferences.


From: gunter


If that doesn't help suggest posting here in this discussion. Give her the address

no she isnt a plus member I dont think, I will check with her.


From: Kidmagnet


Which forum? I can take a look

Wendys playground. a couple of other ladies has come in and they can see them.

thanks Kid


From: Kidmagnet


Can you point me to where the member said she could not see them? 

its Janice and she hasnt been able to see them for weeks, it is a private folder. Can you get into that?



From: Kidmagnet


No - ask Janice if it is still a problem and if so would she be able to post her so we can help.

To be clear, is it your personal signature or ones you are delivering? Or either? 

yes it is still happening, She cant see any sig I post except for test, she just get a little square thing where it should be a sig as below I copy and paste a top sig from Fotki and my window underneath I use the paint brush feature, she doesnt see any of that yet everyone else can and I have been doing this the same way for years.

see below for my little sig above my window ( not sure if you allow sigs in this forum can you see my sigs?