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showing sigs   Everything Else

Started 11/13/21 by February Babe (wtraves); 825 views.

yes it is still happening, She cant see any sig I post except for test, she just get a little square thing where it should be a sig as below I copy and paste a top sig from Fotki and my window underneath I use the paint brush feature, she doesnt see any of that yet everyone else can and I have been doing this the same way for years.

see below for my little sig above my window ( not sure if you allow sigs in this forum can you see my sigs?



From: Kidmagnet


Yes I can see them like others. It is usually better if we can work directly with the member who is having the problem.

Thanks Kid I have told her to come here but she wants to try a few things first on her own.

thanks  so much.