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Ownership transfer of several abandoned forums   Administrative Issues

Started 11/18/21 by Glen (willroberts); 169 views.
Glen (willroberts)

From: Glen (willroberts)


Our forum, "Pern: Our Place" was once distributed across several other forums, which we combined years ago.  Since then, the old forums, which are private, have dropped the access permissions for most of the writers who once wrote there, and have been abandoned.  For whatever reason, my account seems to be the only one which can access these forums anymore, and then, only through mobile browsers.

If possible, I would like to take control of the following forums so I can grant access again to our writers to read the history of our stories:

Cibola WeyrHall

Conclave Forum

Erindar Weyr

Iaren Forum

Our Place (Not to be confused with Pern: Our Place, which is our current active board.)


From: gunter


Most likely the owners of the forums are not on DelphiPlus anymore which is what is needed to have a working private forum. Have you tried contacting the owners. Give us the webtags and we can check more. Normally private forums are not transferred since we do not have access to them.

Are you Assistant Mgr or other staff in the forums?