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To: drop down   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 11/27/21 by February Babe (wtraves); 737 views.

From: gunter


Depends on when she posts. The drop down menu has a limited number of the most recent logins. If others have logged in more recently a name may not show in the list until the poster supplies at least part of the name.

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no thats not the problem at all. Its my forum and I am there most times.


From: gunter


Check your Visitors list at different times. Wen you first log in you're on top, then when others arrive your name drops down in the list and that way drops out of the to: listing.

Give us the membername and I'll check more.

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thats not it gunter, I am fully aware of what happens with the drop down list as people come the list changes, I have been with delphi for over 20 years and I have to say that frustrates me at times when the forum has been busy with lots coming in and my regulars go out of the list and I have to put them in manually at times.. So I think I know that simple problem and wouldnt have come here for that answer, twice.   We were on line at same time when I was checking  and she couldnt see me in the list and hasnt for a few weeks. She even took a screen shot at the time and no I wasnt on hers but when I took the screen shot both her and me were on it. 

her name is sandy(bornfree2000) my forum is anytime sigs


From: gunter


Only thing I  can see is there are long periods between login ... suggest clearing browsing history and cookies the next time it happens.

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I am not sure why I was directed here but my issue is still not solved. Can somebody look at MY issue at Anytime Sigs and see where the glitch is? I seem to be an isolated problem with my dropdown.

Thank you.


From: Kidmagnet


Are you viewing from a computer and see the forum in Classic?

I see Wendy.

There are over thirty names listed when I look (I snipped this off ) - are you able to see the scroll bar on the side? (solid grey to the right of the names)

Gunter suggested you might clear your browser cache

  • Edited November 28, 2021 3:53 pm  by  Kidmagnet

I am not sure what Classic is? I did clear my Cache and still no Wendy. You are in my dropdown now but no Wendy. Hmmm.


From: Kidmagnet


Can you email me a screen shot of what you see, I'll PM you my email address.


From: WALTER784



I've noticed this myself a couple of times. Sometimes, users remain logged in for several days and thus even if they've posted recently, they were last logged in several days ago. As such, as more and more members login and view messages in the forum, (example: 5 people per day for 3 days = 15 names), but the person's name that doesn't show up has been logged in for 4 or 5 days... their name won't show up on the recent drop down list.

The bypass fix is to copy the name of the person you want to post to click the [Others] button on the To: line and paste the copied name and then they will be found to select.