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Chat Glitch?   Chat

Started Aug-8 by Gaelspirit; 270 views.

From: Gaelspirit

Aug-8 three different forums I help manage we have a member whose chat box disappears at times, or she is unable to see what she is typing, so then has to leave chat to reboot and come back. She uses a Samsung chromebook and chrome as her browser. Another member has the same thing happen occasionally and she uses an Apple laptop with Safari as a browser. Leaves chat and comes back in and then it's fine. Any thoughts?


From: gunter


Nothing obvious immediately and don't see other reports like this. All I can think of is they're losing connection when this happens.  Suggest trying another browser to see if it's  limited to a specific one.

More details on exactly what was being posted, what was on the screen, may help.

Ask them about Ad blocker use as well. If they disable it for Delphi and all is well then... well TADA!  
Ad Blockers work by blocking a script from running and that might be enough of a hiccup to lose connection with the chat server. 


From: Gaelspirit


Okay thanx..I really don't think that is an issue, but will ask.