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Background theme missing   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Nov-9 by Showtalk; 1367 views.
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From: Showtalk


It’s happening in other forums, too, like Service but for some reason, not here.

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From: gunter



anyone else experiencing this?

I did something like this... I changed the background in other Zeta forums. What a powerful bit of trouble making ;)

I'll go look to see what it was. Might not be the same as it seems like only YOU are seeing the incorrect background.

Read the entire thread, to be clear I was uploading backgrounds on my own forum and they were appearing on random others. But briefly.

CC to gunter

From: Showtalk


I was not changing anything. I had just reloaded my forum and a strange image showed up. It was in many Zeta forums except this one but it went away.

It’s not a very good screenshot as the bottom with the picture was cut off, but you can see it generally. Oops, sorry I had to delete the image. I didn’t see the text before I uploaded but there was something that should not be posted here.

  • Edited November 10, 2022 5:28 pm  by  Showtalk
Showtalk said:

I was not changing anything. I had just reloaded my forum and a strange image showed up

Right - that was what was happening to Paul. I was uploading images and he saw them. They'd be there for a bit and then disappear.

And you saw that at Members Service as well?

Probably the same thing then. I tried bugging out the cause back then but after a bit getting no clues decided it was not worth annoying the members at effected forums for my own curiosity.

You are seeing Opinion Polls as you should be now?