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Not Gold But Toilet Paper Raid   Some Gossips

Started 3/21/20 by iHeartsMusic; 510 views.
C J (CardJoker)

From: C J (CardJoker)


How much does the toiletpaper share goes on the Stock Market!? sweat_smile


From: Miyuko


Bethany Marshall, PhD., a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, tells Yahoo Lifestyle the toilet paper phenomenon can be explained by the theory of social contagion -- what the American Psychological Association (APA) calls “the spread of behaviors, attitudes, and affect through crowds and other types of social aggregates from one member to another.”


From: Miyuko


Hoarding toilet paper amid the coronavirus: Why are people doing it?

People are crowding grocery stores to stockpile food and supplies during the coronavirus pandemic that’s infected 11,000 people in the United States. But one item remains bizarrely elusive: toilet paper.

Although the White House said "...It is unnecessary for the American public to hoard daily essentials” and the National Grocers Association told ABC News that products like toilet paper “may be more limited in terms of availability but are flowing through the supply chain," both brick-and-mortar and online retailers are routinely cleaned out of the product.

The demand has forced stores into capping purchases at a certain number (with employees supervising the chaos) and restaurants like The Beacon Tap in Chicago, which pivoted to curbside take-out and delivery, to now offer toilet paper as a customer incentive. Police in Newport, Ore., have even scolded residents who call 911 to report toilet paper shortages. “It’s hard to believe that we even have to post this,” read a Facebook post by the department. Meanwhile, sales of bidets, which cleanse with sprayed water, are reportedly increasing.

Elise Solé
Yahoo Lifes tyle March 19, 2020


Lyndy (Lyndy7)

From: Lyndy (Lyndy7)


This article and forum have been featured in today's Delphi Daily News ~ Join In!