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In recent years,mining machinary is steping to Large-scale, environmental protection innovation and development way,no exception with construction waste disposal equipment.Crusher machine is compact structure,low height,small volume,light weight,high production capacity, is adopted abrasion-resistant steel,long life,be able to crush high strength materials.Crushing plants owns crushing and screening two functions, the performance index can absolutely achieve the international level.Greatly simplifies the process,and reduce the construction investment and operation cost.

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How to maintain the grinding mill?

Started Sep-6 by happyness123; 28 views.

From: happyness123


The use of grinding mill for mineral grinding production, because the ore materials play a certain role of wear on the grinding mill, so the user to manage the machine daily maintenance work, and according to the daily maintenance for your simple introduction, I hope you can take action to maintain.

The ore material in the milling machine in the cavity can be broken and milling, will bring certain impact force, this force will lead to long-term superimposition system, machine structure, parts failure, and in order to reduce the occurrence of the fault, we need to do some maintenance work on the following, according to the daily maintenance work for your brief introduction.

In the work of grinding mill in daily maintenance, we should do the following work: bearing lubrication, wear parts replacement, feed size and feed rate of reasonable control, feed type monitoring, analysis the following to you.

1. Bearing lubrication. There are many kinds of bearings in grinding mill. These bearings bear important functions of energy transmission and load bearing. Therefore, in order to increase the service life of bearings, it is necessary to lubricate them in time. Our bearings are lubricated by thin oil lubrication stations, and the lubricating oil can be achieved by adding lubricating oil to the lubricating station. In lubricating oil lubrication, the temperature of the lubricating oil can reflect the bearing condition. If the oil temperature is increased, the bearing position should be stopped immediately.

2. in the use of grinding mill, its wear-resistant parts are easy to wear. Therefore, wearable parts may loose and wear. Therefore, we need to check regularly. During the inspection, we find that serious wear must be replaced in time, and it is found that loosening must be stabilized again.

3. feed particle size and feed rate of size is the prerequisite of ensuring the normal production of the grinding mill, because the bulk material and a lot of material into the machine grinding chamber will cause serious influence on the parts, wear parts, so we should avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, in addition, when the feed grain through hard when will cause serious harm to the machine, so the user can install a mill in front of the separator to prevent the high hardness of the metal material into the grinding chamber.

4. In the production of grinding powder, if the machine is found to be vibrant, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately.