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From: Dunggate2/8/18 12:46 PM 
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An Arab Sheikh explain about the Qoran and "israel"
 “Koran says that Israel belongs to the Jews”
Jordanian Sheikh Ahmed Ardoan explains how
A) the Koran does not mention the word “Palestine” even once
B) that Muslims pray towards Mecca, NOT Jerusalem
C) that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people.
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From: Dunggate2/12/18 5:27 PM 
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WATCH A meeting at the ‘Palestinian office of employment’ takes an unexpected turn….
This insanity must stop. Israel needs a Taylor Force Act to withhold all monies that the Palestinian Authority uses to pay terrorists and their families!
The campaign is led by the Koby Mandell Foundation, the Forum of Bereaved Families, the Choosing Life Forum, the Forum of American Victims of Palestinian Terror, and individual terror victims and their families.
The bill enjoys the support of Members of Knesset (MKs) from nearly every party in the Knesset, from the Zionist Union to the Jewish Home party.
“It is unconscionable that Israel supports terror through the collection and transfer of more than
NIS 1 billion each year to the P.A. that is being used as a reward and incentive for the murder of
Israeli citizens,” said Shai Maimon, one of the initiators of the campaign. “The very weapon used
to murder my friend Malachi Rosenfeld, z”l, and to injure me, was paid for with P.A. money
given each month as a stipend to a terrorist that was released from prison – all under Israel’s
“Support for this critical bill crosses party and coalition lines, and for good reason – it is just,
necessary and well overdue,” said MK Elazar Stern of the Yesh Atid party, the initiator of the bill.
“The blood of the innocent cries out to us – we must change this disgraceful and dangerous
policy. Now is the time to end it and stop being suckers.”
“The moment a terrorist commits an act of terror and is arrested or killed, at the moment
exactly, he becomes a public servant of the Palestinian Authority and starts collecting a salary –
and that is what makes this whole story so absurd,” said MK Avi Dichter of Likud, who also is
sponsoring the bill. “7 percent of the money that we transfer to the PA goes to terrorists. We
cannot allow this.”

From: Dunggate2/12/18 5:28 PM 
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The ultimate Israel 4K experience!
A day in the life of Israel. Could anything be more inspiring? Let’s first start in
the desert. The pure rocks bring us back to the simple life. But the desert is
not bare. It has life, animals that manage to survive despite the barren land,
finding hidden sources for nourishment. After that is a trip to Israel’s northern
region, where there is more vegetation among the mountainous terrain.
Afterwords, let’s take a look at urban life, from the marketplace to a crowded
bus ride. Everyone is going about their day, yet their is a sense of tranquility
as we see children blowing bubbles. It may a be a busy city, but even the kids
know that it is important to have fun.
The Western Wall
Perhaps one of the most inspiring and holy images is that of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
Decades after the First Temple was destroyed, plans were made for the Second Temple. It was to be larger, and as
such required a support base. Sand and dirt were brought in to expand the base, and large retaining walls were built
to support the base. The Second Temple was built on top of that. When it was destroyed, the supporting walls
remained. The Western Wall is one of the walls of the supporting base. Thankfully, it has survived and Jews have
prayed here for millennia, shed tears hear, and placed hopes here. And we know that one day the Third Temple will
be built here, and it will not be destroyed.
I just love how it shows the starry sky over the desert. The view is crystal clear.
There aren’t any buildings that ruin the view of the stars. Perhaps that is why this video has an atmosphere of
hopes and dreams – we can dream for the stars, and it is attainable.
As the old saying goes, “If you will it, it is no dream”.
Or in Hebrew, “Im Tirzu, Ain Zo Agadah”.

From: Dunggate2/14/18 6:37 PM 
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lThis is the Most Amazing and Beautiful Music Video You Will Ever See
Sung at a Jewish wedding, this song is not a typical wedding song. It gives you a new perspective on the holiness of marriage according to Judaism. Jewish tradition teaches that when a man and a woman unite in matrimony, G-d Himself joins them and that the union is holy. The words to this song, a bit ancholy for a joyous Jewish wedding, are truly meaningful and embody the soul of a Jewish marriage – faith.
“..Even on the days when I “forgot” you You were always in my life In all the ways that I went You have been a guiding light. I was blind. I could not see beyond what my eyes were focused on
Chorus: King, the King of all Kings – Thank you for life For happiness for tears and Laughter
Even when it’s hard sometimes, even then, you are my G-d.
You are never far.”
Throughout Judaism there are constant reminders that we are not alone and that there is a greater purpose and meaning life – God’s will. Even at a wedding, where the natural assumption would be it is about the two people uniting together, Judaism brings God into the forefront of the ceremony. We remember that it is our souls uniting as one. That we are uniting in order to fulfill the will of God.
There are many religious rituals and symbols for a bride and groom on their wedding day. The wedding day itself is considered to be like Yom Kippur for the couple where there souls are cleansed of any sins so that they can join together free of sin.
ohad & kinderlach chupa

From: Dunggate2/21/18 7:40 PM 
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The incredible story of the Jews that danced in Nazi Hell
The Jews That Danced in Nazi Hell
Surviving the Holocaust
Beside slaughtering the Jewish people, the Nazis also tried to break the Jewish spirit. We have heard many times how the Jewish soul survives even in the darkest of times. This video presents one account that needs to be told.
Video Transcript
The story is told of two German SS soldiers who approached a group of Jewish workers in one of the concentration
camps. They said to the Jews, “We want you to sing a song for us, and dance to it as well.”
While the Nazis wanted to annihilate the Jewish people, they also wanted to dehumanize them along the way, to torture them both physically and mentally.
Now these Jews were scared, they were malnourished and their spirits were rock bottom. The last impulse they had
was to want to dance. But they had no choice. So they chose one of the songs that they used to sing in their Jewish
communities when they were younger – “ashreinu mah tov chelkeinu umanaim goralanu“. Which meant, happy are
we, how goodly is our portion, how pleasant is our lot, and how beautiful our heritage.” Now it might have been
somewhat ironic to be saying these words – how good is our portion, how goodly our lot – when they were trapped in a living hell. But they had to keep going.
Video transcript continued…
Then the Nazis started screaming at them, ‘louder, faster, come on, louder, faster, let’s go.’ So they had to keep
going. ‘Louder, faster, louder, faster’. And so these Jews kept singing it, and they started dancing harder and
faster, louder and faster, until they started to really get into it. And they really started singing and dancing
with an energy that they never knew was actually inside of them.
Then these Nazi soldiers got slightly aggravated. “Something isn’t quite right here”, they said to one another.  They wanted to see the Jews being distressed, downtrodden, dehumanized.  Instead, the Jews were happy, uplifted, with almost metaphysical energy. This is a rebellion, they thought, and they couldn’t bear it, so they screamed at them, ‘Stop, Stop.’ But the Jews just wouldn’t stop, they just kept going, they sang louder and faster. ‘Stop’ they yelled. But the Jews didn’t stop. In the end, they had to shoot at them until the Jews dispersed.
To find out what happened next, make sure to watch the video!
Further Reading
The Holocaust was a monumental tragedy in which Nazis killed millions of Jews.  It represents the lowest depths of humanity. Yet it also represents the survival of the Jewish people and Jewish spirit from great destruction. Please continue to learn about what happened during the Holocaust.
Here are some resources:
– Yad Vashem
– United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
– The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies

From: Dunggate2/21/18 7:48 PM 
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A deeper look at President Trump’s favorite Biblical Verse
(April 2016, then, candidate and now President Trump, held an interview with Bob Longsberry of WHAM radio, and he was asked )
“Is there a favorite bible verse or bible story that has informed your thinking or your character through life sir?”
“Well, I think many. I mean, you know, when we get into the Bible, I think… look, an eye for an eye, you can almost say that. That’s not a particularly nice thing. But you know, if you look at what’s happening to our country, I mean… how people are taking advantage of us… ”
Most people probably find this response, “an eye for an eye,” wrongheaded and backwards.
Honestly, I’m not even sure Trump knows what to make of it:
“Look… eye for an eye…”
“That’s not a particularly nice thing. But you know…”
The brutal imagery invoked in the Bible is shocking to his cosmopolitan sensibilities of right and wrong.
Sam Harris
Sam Harris echoes this sentiment perfectly:
Here’s one of his quotes: “There’s just so much in there that is patently insane and needlessly savage and absolutely divisive if you take it seriously… *applause*….
Under fire, Ben Shapiro appeals to the Rabbinic tradition, which rejects a literal interpretation of the verse:

From: Dunggate2/24/18 6:57 AM 
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Meet the female Krav Maga master empowering women to protect themselves the Israeli way
Krav Maga is the Israeli Army version of self-defense.
It is not for the faint-hearted – but it may save a person’s life.
There are multiple reasons to learn Krav Maga.
In the Israeli Army, 18 year old girls are trained and train hundreds of soldiers in the art of self-defense.
Rachel Shear is a trailblazer in this field.
She set up an academy which takes young kids and mature women and trains them. She trains them in the same way that she trains IDF soldiers.
The goal is to strengthen them to protect themselves physically. However, it goes beyond that. These young people are also empowered emotionally and mentally.
This is not learning how to fight. This is learning to be alert and know what to do.
Karate for Women?
In today’s day and age, this is unfortunately a very necessary part of life.
Some women will say this is critical due to the amount of harassment that goes on.
Others will say it is important for the rare situations when people are literally attacked.
Either way, this skill is something that is valuable for all people.
When defending oneself becomes a reflex and staying alert becomes second-nature, the world becomes a safer place.

From: Dunggate2/25/18 7:20 PM 
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How Israeli cyberspies stopped ISIS from blowing up a jet over Australia
By Phil Schneider -  February 24, 2018 5428 0
Israeli cyberspies are well-known in Israel.
Now, that unit is getting some international exposure – and for good reason.
Concise History of the IDF
Throughout Israel’s first 70 years, the Israeli Military has become well known for many reasons.
In the War of Independence, in 1948, the ingenuity of the small rather disorganized Jewish army somehow won the war. Despite a clear lack of sufficient weapons, the fledgling army won most of the battles and emerged victorious.
Consider this example from the 1948 war. There were soldiers who’s main job was to drive a motorcycle from one unit to the other. Why? Both units had to share the sole machine gun that was available for both units.
In the Sinai Campaign of 1956, Israel’s paratroopers became famous. Israel dropped them way behind enemy lines near the few “passes” that existed in the mountainous desert of the Sinai.  They played a critical role in surprising and ultimately defeating Egyptian forces.
In 1967, Israel won the famed Six Day War.  The Israeli Air Force was the clear start of that war.  However, tank battalions fought vicious campaigns.  Infantry units displayed enormous bravery, and even the Navy got involved a bit.  The intelligence units took alot of credit too, but most of their exploits would only come to light after a few years.
In 1973, Israel was caught unprepared with the Yom Kippur War.  Israel fought back valiantly – especially with the tank battalions and emerged victorious.  But the toll was horrible – more than 2,300 killed and thousands more wounded.
In the First Lebanon War, Israel’s Air Force dominated once again.  Israeli forces drove back PLO forces far away from Israel’s borders towards Beirut in Lebanon.
Looking Ahead to the Future

From: Dunggate2/25/18 7:21 PM 
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Nikki Haley responds to absurd comment at UN by defending Israel
By Leah Rosenberg -  February 22, 2018 3206 0
When “Palestinian” negotiator Saab Erekat told Nikki Haley to “shut up,” she completely destroyed him. Haley responded by defending Israel at the UN and bashing what the “Palestinian” leaders do. They do nothing to help the “Palestinian” people toward the goal of peace.
Nikki Haley: I will not shut up



From: Dunggate2/25/18 7:22 PM 
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This is what project seventy, the amazing videos from all over Israel, are all about
By Michael Sax -  February 24, 2018 854 0
Project Seventy
As Israelis get ready to approach the state’s 70th birthday, many people are celebrating. Israel has existed for thousands of years. Due to Israelis returning to their homes and land in modern times, people have good reason to celebrate. A lot has happened in the past seventy years. Come and celebrate!
Special mission
This man has a special mission for Israel’s 70th birthday. First, he will go to Israel. Furthermore, he will go to seventy – that’s right, seventy – unique location in Israel, and film that to show people the real Israel. Even a traffic-clogged highway in Israel can be inspiring. How so? A few decade ago this highway didn’t exist. As a result of Jews returning to their ancestral land, we have cities, roads, and thriving societies. So even a clogged road is a wonderful sign.
Project Seventy: Who, What and Why.



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