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From: sparrow1532/8/18 9:58 PM 
To: BG311  (2741 of 8207) 
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BG311 said...

  A lot of it could be seen as it was taking place.


I agree!  A lot of all of this was seen and posted here at JP. 


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From: sparrow1532/8/18 10:08 PM 
To: Dunggate  (2742 of 8207) 
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Dunggate said...

the former President finds himself in front of an audience on foreign soil, in Abu Dhabi, George W. Bush seems to have found his voice.

Hi Elaine:

It's the wrong voice!  No doubt he is a globalist!   GW Bush is the one who brought North American Union into focus as he set up the Security & Prosperity Partnership between the USA, Canada, and Mexico without consent of Congress, AND with the intent of having a borderless North America promoting open borders between the three.  This will cause the dissolution of the USA.  That is what the globalists want.  Perhaps this is why GW Bush purchased 100,000 acres of land in Ecuador around a huge water aquifer.  Does he plan on moving there when things get rough here?  Makes one wonder.



From: sparrow1532/9/18 8:51 AM 
To: Dunggate  (2743 of 8207) 
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Dunggate said...

But unlike the collusion investigation against President Trump, which after a year and a half has found no proof of collusion with Russia, Rep. Schiff has finally been caught red-handed.
It was revealed on Tuesday that Schiff, who is the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, was contacted in 2017 by Russian comedians who told him in what is now known to be a prank call that they had naked pictures of the president and a Russian reality television star.

Good morning, Elaine:

As we, the people, are learning, there are more names beginning to drop as to the corruption within and without our government, both for money and political gain.   Ultimately, it is the people who suffer from this criminal activity. 

Anyone involved in corruption MUST be brought to justice.  The people will stand for nothing less! 



From: sparrow1532/9/18 9:10 AM 
To: BG311  (2744 of 8207) 
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BG311 said...

And, for now these people are getting away with it. 

Good morning, Brenda:

I share in your dismay.  It is worse than sickening as we have come to learn.  It is nothing short of tragic!    On the flip side, I doubt anyone caught up in this deceit and destruction will be getting away with it. 

The people, now knowing the truth, will demand accountability. 

Stay strong in the Lord! 



From: BG311 Posted by host2/9/18 9:25 AM 
To: sparrow153  (2745 of 8207) 
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If you have watched any news you probably also know that Mark Warren the Democrat leader on one of the Congressional Committees had contact with Russia seeking to set up a private meeting with Steele. A great many of the Democrats are complicit in actions taken  before and after the election to come against our President.  The Republican head of that committee seems to be allowing whatever Warren does.  It almost seems as though he has allowed the Democrat to take charge of that committee.



From: sparrow1532/9/18 9:43 AM 
To: BG311  (2746 of 8207) 
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BG311 said...

The Republican head of that committee seems to be allowing whatever Warren does. 

Hi Brenda:

What comes to mind in what is coming out, the guilty will convict themselves.



From: BG311 Posted by host2/9/18 10:18 AM 
To: sparrow153  (2747 of 8207) 
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sparrow153 said...


What comes to mind in what is coming out, the guilty will convict themselves.

God's light is shinning into the darkness.  It is the Senate Intelligence Committee supposedly chaired by Richard Burr.  Marco Rubio - a Globalist RINO with some financing by Soros came out in support of Mark Warren.  At this point I have no confidence in that Senate Committee.


From: BG311 Posted by host2/9/18 10:19 AM 
To: sparrow153  (2748 of 8207) 
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From: BG311 Posted by host2/9/18 10:22 AM 
To: sparrow153  (2749 of 8207) 
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Clearly Richard Burr is against our President and that is the reason he allows the Democrat to do what he does.

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From: BG311 Posted by host2/9/18 10:28 AM 
To: sparrow153  (2750 of 8207) 
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Here's a positive comment about Burr's support for Trump.  Trump won North Carolina as you know and Haley our Ambassador to the United Nations is also from North Carolina.


Sen. Richard Burr says he’s ‘forgiven’ Trump for lewd ...

US Sen. Richard Burr said Monday that he’s still supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign despite the candidate’s “indefensible” comments about women ...

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