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Gowdy, Goodlatte demand appointment of special counsel, citing FISA abuses

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Rep. Trey Gowdy on Tuesday demanded the appointment of a special counsel to investigate “conflicts of interest” and decisions “made and not made” by current and former Justice Department officials in 2016 and 2017, noting that “the public interest requires” the action. Gowdy, R-S.C., and Goodlatte, R-Va., penned a letter Tuesday to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

“Matters have arisen—both recently and otherwise—which necessitate the appointment of a Special Counsel. We do not make this observation and attendant request lightly,” Gowdy and Goodlatte wrote.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Gowdy and Goodlatte spoke about the discovery of new information as their reasoning behind calling for a second independent counsel. “What changed for me was the knowledge that there are two dozen witnesses that Michael Horowitz, the [DOJ] Inspector General, would not have access to,” Gowdy said. “When I counted up 24 witnesses that he would not be able to access were he to investigate it, yeah only one conclusion, that’s special counsel.” That list of witnesses included former FBI director James Comey, Gowdy confirmed.

Last week, Sessions announced that Horowitz would investigate allegations of government surveillance abuse in light of memos released on Capitol Hill by the House Intelligence Committee which suggested, at least on the Republican side, that the dossier compiled by ex-U.K. intelligence officer Christopher Steele was used to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. “Absolutely, this whole FISA warrant was on Carter Page,” Gowdy told Fox News.  Goodlatte agreed stating that the case on which the warrant was built was “highly suspect.”

The lawmakers wrote, “There is evidence of bias, trending toward animus, among those charged with investigating serious cases.”  They added, “There is evidence political opposition research was used in court filings. There is evidence this political opposition research was neither vetted before it was used nor fully revealed to the relevant tribunal.”

Both lawmakers said they didn’t know when or if a second counsel would be appointed at all.

President Trump calls Attorney General Sessions's decision to use Department of Justice inspector general to investigate alleged FISA abuse 'disgraceful' on Twitter.

“This fact pattern is unique and compelling and I think he really ought to consider it,” Gowdy said.

Asked why a special counsel was needed, Gowdy told Fox News earlier, “Congress doesn’t have the tools to investigate this. We leak like the Gossip Girls.”

Gowdy and Goodlatte wrote that because the “decisions of both former and current Department of Justice and FBI officials are at issue,” they did not believe the DOJ was “capable” of investigating the “fact patterns in a fashion likely to garner public confidence.”  Both Gowdy and Goodlatte have announced in recent months they would not seek re-election this year.

President Trump blasted Sessions' decision to use Horowitz, saying he appointed an “Obama guy” to investigate “potentially massive FISA abuse.”  Horowitz also is investigating former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and whether he wanted to avoid taking action on new Clinton emails found on disgraced Democratic New York Rep. Anthony Weiner’s laptop, reports said. According to records, McCabe knew about the emails belonging to Hillary Clinton in September 2016, but did not choose to brief former FBI Director James Comey until October 26, 2016 — prompting the re-opening of the Clinton email investigation just one week before the presidential election.

“While we have confidence in the Inspector General for the Department of Justice, the DOJ IG does not have the authority to investigate other governmental entities or former employees of the Department, the Bureau, or other agencies,” Gowdy and Goodlatte wrote. Gowdy also serves as chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

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BG311 said...

Asked why a special counsel was needed, Gowdy told Fox News earlier, “Congress doesn’t have the tools to investigate this. We leak like the Gossip Girls.”

Hi Brenda,

Aside from the fact that all this is necessary, and that we have this much going on throughout layers of government, the above quote from the article is REALLY, REALLY sad beyond words.



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It truly is sad to learn what has happened and is happening within the Federal Government.  We suspected these kinds of things were taking place with the Clintons and the Obama Administration but now the evidence is being revealed to us.  The DOJ and FBI can't handle this investigation.  It is the leadership of those organizations that need to be investigated.

Rosenstein signed a request on the Page FISA warrant.  Mueller and Rosenstein were involved with the Uranium One Deal.  Rosenstein is the one who sign the NDA on the FBI informant.  That NDA kept needed information about Uranium One from the Congress. 

The Mueller investigation needs to be investigated as do Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey.  Many of the investigators that Mueller put on his team of investigators are alleged to be law breakers and the source of unlawful leaks.  There are numerous leaks that are happening with the Special Counsel investigation being lead by Mueller.

You would think that Sessions were intelligent enough to see what the problems are with any attempt for the Executive, DOJ or FBI to do this investigation.  The Mueller Special Counsel Investigation has tremendous conflicts of interest and was based on an investigation of our President for which there was no evidence of a crime.  It is a "witch hunt" in search of crime that can be used to remove the duly elected President of the United States from office.  Our Federal Government has been turned into a political machine for the Democratic party . . . for Clinton, Obama and their supporters.

Sessions continues to praise Rosenstein and Mueller.  And, Wray the FBI Director praises the FBI without making any comment about the high ranking FBI law breakers.  There is no way the DOJ and FBI is capable of this investigation.

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I believe Sessions is now beginning to do things that should be done. He announced he was suing The Sanctuary State of California for Blocking Federal Authorities from going after the Illegal Criminal Aliens. and now this. It is amazing to me that this is just now being done, It should have started earlier. 

BG311 said...

President Trump blasted Sessions' decision to use Horowitz, saying he appointed an “Obama guy” to investigate “potentially massive FISA abuse.

This is what I cannot understand. Is it smart to use an Obama Guy to investigate a Potential Fisa abuse? it sounds crazy to me. 


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The IG was first appointed by President Bush, however, Obama continued his appointment through his two terms as President.  So far based on information he has reported there doesn't seem to be a partisan or biased view on his part.  He seems to be doing a good job with the investigation that ironically was begun by a request by the Democrats to investigate Comey's handling of the Clinton e-mail "matter."

Recently on the news I've heard comments that the IG has prosecutors who are part of his staff.  But, that comment isn't true.  He has FBI agents on his staff that can function as investigators but they do not have the power to indict or prosecute.

Jeff Sessions, however, has appointed an unnamed experienced Prosecutor that isn't located in Washington and in whom he has confidence to also be involved in the ongoing investigations.  Still he said for the reasons given to him he is seriously considering the appointment of a second Special Counsel.  Perhaps he now has more information from the work of the IG.

On Fox News Tonight - the program that aired last night - Jeff Sessions was interviewed.  He made some extremely positive comments about President Trump.  It sounded as though their relationship was back on the right track.

Sessions has always been strong on immigration issues so his position on what's taking place in California isn't that much of a change.  However, his release of documents on "Fast and Furious" is a move in the right direction and so is his willingness to seriously consider appointment of a second Special Counsel.



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