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Beyond Human Ken will host discussions primarily about the Arts: Movies, Literature, Television, Music, and Comics. DVD's and CD's. Other topics are welcome as well, such as: History, Politics, Sports, Science, etc. We also play creative games, based on the Entertainment industry. BHK covers all your entertainment bases!

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Beyond Human Ken
Beyond Human Ken is a Forum for Fanatics!
For people with passion for The Fine Arts and Popular Culture!
If you love movies, you're in the right place.
Same for TV. And Music. Comic fans will feel right at home, as well.
While we appreciate everyone's contributions,
please be aware of thread drift/hijacking
This takes focus away from the topics we are trying to discuss
Personal matters and conversation belong in
Your cooperation will be appreciated.

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Welcome to BHK! The movie X-Men: Days of Future Past will be arriving in theaters soon. Our heroes may have to alter the past to save the future. Will they succeed? Check it out and come tell us what you think!


BHK's Profile Policy

At BHK, we expect our membersto be open enough to share profile information with us.

This doesn't mean you MUST fill out your profile in minute detail, but at least include basic stuff such as sex, location, and an idea of your movie, music, and book preferences.

Those who do not include at least some basic information on their profiles will be most likely be left out of the discussions at BHK.

Thank You

BHK Management

Strong opinions are welcome! Political debate is welcome, too!
Mostly, though,we like to have a little fun!
We have contests, periodically, in which your Host-KEN-awards prizes!
Title Hangman" regularly.
We do polls on all manner of subjects.

Beyond Human Ken is unique! We try to cover as many bases as possible.
Pretty much any subject is welcome, as long as the tone of the comments remain civil.

Please respect the comments and opinions of your fellow correspondents.
This a family site, please make sure your comments and sig pictures are PG13 or better.
Also, your sig boxes should not be more than half the total post box
Give us a look! You won't be disappointed!


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