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November 30, 2021

        "I never wanted this jab & held off for as long as I could. I got it to keep my job. If you know me personally you know how hesitant & scared I was of getting it."

19-yo Australian Equestrian Star Hospitalized with Blood Clots Days After Getting Vaxxed as Media Gaslights

She posted on InstagramI don’t even know where to begin. On Thursday 21st at 10am I had my 2nd ?? shot. That night I woke up so sick- vomiting, fever, wet in sweat, heart palpitations, headache, sore muscles & joints like hell, blurry vision. I was in so much pain at this point crying I knew something was seriously wrong I’m the first person to dust it off and never cry.

The next morning I went to the doctors who then sent me to the emergency hospital. I have been in the respiratory ward with clots all through my legs, stomach and through both lungs. The amount of clots on my lungs is equivalent to having broken ribs so a little painful & hard to breathe. As part of my treatment for my recovery I am now medicated & never have been in my life as a result of these I have internal bleeding & nose bleeds as one of the side effects of my medications along with a line of other things I choose to keep private. I had no medical issues, underlying conditions, not medicated for anything. 

Crazy to think to the left pick I was turfing with my family riding horses and the next pick is me just after my vaccination. I now have numerous doctors & specialists for a minimum of 6-12 months this is my new normal. I have also been informed to not ride my horses, my motorbikes, & train- everything I am. Drive my car and go to work. I never wanted this jab & held off for as long as I could. I got it to keep my job. If you know me personally you know how hesitant & scared I was of getting it. - Thank you everyone for the love & support. ?? Cienna

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November 30, 2021

It Begins... Elites Discuss Redefining "Booster" Since They Are Not Sure How Many "Booster" Shots Will Be Demanded of the Population

Trust the Science. You just knew this was coming.

The regime is now concerned about using the word “booster” to describe the number of vaccine shots they will force on the population.

The CDC already changed the meaning of the word vaccine earlier this year. Now the medical tyrants want to redefine or rethink the use of the word “booster” because they are still not sure how many booster shots will be needed before Dr. Fauci claims the pandemic has ended.


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December 1, 2021

      Does this mean that hospitals, et al, will have to stop firing health care workers, and rehire the ones they have lost. These mandates have after all caused a crisis in a nationwide health care worker shortage...not that the liberals care.

Federal Judge Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate Nationwide, Protects Health Care Workers Across America

A federal court has issued a nationwide injunction protecting health care workers across the country from Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate.

Yesterday, in response to a multi-state lawsuit led by Missouri, a federal court barred the Biden administration from enforcing a vaccine mandate for health care workers in 10 states who are employed at federally-funded health care clinics. That means they doctors and nurses can’t be fired for refusing the COVID vaccine despite Biden’s federal mandate requiring them to get it.

Today, a federal court in Louisiana expanded on that ruling and blocked the vaccine mandate nationwide.

The Daily Advertiser reported:

Louisiana Western District U.S. Judge Terry Doughty’s decision follows an identical ruling Monday from Missouri U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp, but Schelp’s decision only covered 10 states.

Doughty ruled on the lawsuit led by Republican Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and joined by 13 other states, but Doughty added a nationwide injunction in his ruling.

“If the executive branch is allowed to usurp the power of the legislative branch to make laws, two of the three powers conferred by our Constitution would be in the same hands,” Doughty wrote. “If human nature and history teach anything, it is that civil liberties face grave risks when governments proclaim indefinite states of emergency.”

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December 1, 2021 - DOD Orders ALL National Guard And Ready Reserve Personnel Receive Experimental Shot

       The Department of Defense may have declared war against the United States military, forcing everyone, from active duty national forces, to the states National Guards, to the ready reserve who must be prepared to be called up, to take an experimental (non) vaccine that could be debilitating or deadly. The Department of Defense does not know that these (non) vaccines are NOT dangerous because their middle and long term effects are unknown. These vaccines are too new and have not had sufficient time for proper observation or study. OR...maybe they do know what these vaccines are going to do, and maybe it is US who do not know enough about who is currently leading this country and giving these orders.  These vaccines are NOT approved by the FDA, they only have "AUTHORIZATION" from the FDA, which means, "PERMISSION" to take experimental and possibly dangerous new drugs.


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December 1, 2021

       "In other words, children and young people are almost 2x more likely – or at the very least, just as likely – to be struck and killed by lightning."

        So WHY do they want to push dangerous experimental drugs onto children? The children are, on average, FAR safer catching Covid and developing their God-given natural immunities than they are putting those chemical soups into their bodies, with mid and long term effects that are unknown.

Latest UK Study Reveals 99.995% of Children And Young People SURVIVE Covid-19; Only Two-in-A-Million Chance to Be Fatal

As the Gateway Pundit has extensively reported for the past year, a recent large-scale study out of the UK has confirmed once again that children and young people have effectively ZERO risk of death after contracting Covid-19.

The massive study determined that an overwhelming 99.995% of children and young people in England with a positive covid test over the first year of the pandemic SURVIVED the virus, which translates to a microscopic 2/1,000,000 mortality rate (99.9998% recovery) for people under 25 when adjusted for population.

Astonishingly, out of the over 12 million children and young people who live in England, just 25 passed away due to complications directly related to the China Virus that has locked down the entire world.

There were an estimated 469,982 CYP infected with SARS-CoV-2 in England from March 2020 to February 2021, giving an infection fatality rate of 5 per 100,000 CYP (0·005%).

In other words, children and young people are almost 2x more likely – or at the very least, just as likely – to be struck and killed by lightning. 


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December 1, 2021

          "Wouldn’t it be grand, our technocrats think, if they could turn the COVID-19 emergency into a permanent emergency over climate? The possibilities are limitless."

COVID Lockdowns Gave Climate Extremists The Tools To Crush Freedom

The Glasgow Climate Conference wrapped Friday with so much progress: There was a “joint pledge” by President Joe Biden and an indifferent Chinese dictator to slow down the changing climate sometime in the next decade or so; there was a call from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “get on and do it,” whatever that means; there was even a column from The New York Times’ Tom Friedman on how, after seeing all the protests and listening to all the leaders, he’s feeling “very energized, and very afraid.” It was great. Refreshing, really. I loved it.

Why? Because it felt like a return to normalcy: A few thousand completely clueless, feckless old men flying from all over the planet to babble on about saving the world and maybe even catch a quick nap during the most boring of the mostly boring speeches.

There was excitement, too! They pulled out all the stops: Creepy 20-foot puppet shows, sobbing children completely convinced they’re going to die unless every adult on the planet stops what they’re doing and listens to their teenaged opinions, drum circles, even Peruvian flutes. It felt vintage; as if from a simpler time.

But there’s a major problem: While it might have felt like a return to normalcy, it wasn’t. We’re not going back to normal — at least not without a hard and vicious fight.

Why not? Because the past two years have witnessed the very things that kept those stupid marches largely confined to just stupid marches: our society’s apparent decision to sacrifice liberty on the altar of fear and the triumph of timid technocrats over bold citizenry. This had been building behind the scenes, mind you, but with the excuse of COVID was it ready to be revealed. ~~~~~~~~~~~

Today, “democracy” means something very different — it means rule by a narrow technocratic elite. Listening to every changing claim Tony Fauci utters? ~~~~~~~~

COVID was the best thing to ever happen to these people. The panic over an unknown virus caused too many of us to rush to give up freedoms we once knew to be essential: The right to travel, for example, or the right to eat in a restaurant; the right to protest in public; and in many cases, the right to run a business and take of our families; literally the right to say goodbye to our elders and to bury our dead. ~~~~~~~~~~ Wouldn’t it be grand, our technocrats think, if they could turn the COVID-19 emergency into a permanent emergency over climate? The possibilities are limitless.

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Lancet does U-turn over lab leak theory on Covid-19 origins | Sambad English


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December 1, 2021

       "Accordingly, Germany and France have made the right decision."

       No they did not make the right decision, they are merely heading in the correct direction. The right decision would be to totally halt the administration of the Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and AstraZeneca (non) vaccines until they have been properly observed and studied. That would be around 10 years from now to see if they are safe enough for use...OR NOT! There are other proven methods of treating COVID other than injecting these dangerous, experimental, chemical soups into people.

Germany and France Suspend Moderna 'Vaccine' for People Under 30 Years Old

Germany and France have decided that because of the excess risk of myocarditis the Moderna vaccination should not be given to people less than 30 years old. News reports suggest that myocarditis is 5 times more common with Moderna than Pfizer at these ages. Given that Pfizer is available, tolerating the excess harms of Moderna for people in this age group is obviously unsound policy. Accordingly, Germany and France have made the right decision.

There are immediate policy implications for the United States, if we have the courage to heed them. First, the USA has to grapple with the question: Are we truly committed to maximizing the benefit and minimizing the harms of vaccination? Throughout this pandemic, I struggled to understand US decision making. When we learned that J&J vaccination was linked to thrombosis (VITT) preferentially in women <40, and given that alternative vaccines were available, I argued we should suspend vaccination in that age group for that product, but this was notably not pursued by regulators. We should not make the same error here.

For that reasons, the USA must immediately follow suit with Germany and France. It is unjustified to continue administering Moderna for people < 30 when the excess risk is known, and a safer alternative exists. Drug safety expert and Professor of Medicine Walid Gellad concurs:

This decision shows that it is possible to learn additional safety information after product launch that can better tailor the use of vaccines to maximize benefit and minimize harm. Now reconcile this fact with the language used by many professionals when products are debuted, which are unequivocal and fail to acknowledge uncertainty. I would strongly suggest we temper our comments about vaccines among kids 5 to 11 until further data comes forward.


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December 1, 2021

       "Antiviral agents, whether vaccine or therapeutic, must be perfect. If they fail to fully work, they can create viral immune escape, whereby the virus learns how to mutate around them."

Remdesivir is the greatest scandal of the pandemic

Is there anything produced or approved by our government for COVID that isn't ineffective, doesn't have terrible side effects, and doesn't actually make the virus worse? The lockdowns, masks, and shots not only failed to work, but caused terrible collateral damage, failed to stop the virus, and, in fact, likely made the virus become more virulent. Now there are reports that remdesivir, which we already know doesn't work and causes renal and liver failure, might also be making the virus itself worse.

Antiviral agents, whether vaccine or therapeutic, must be perfect. If they fail to fully work, they can create viral immune escape, whereby the virus learns how to mutate around them. It's sort of like the principle of shooting at the king and missing, a principle we are often concerned with regarding the overuse or misuse of antibiotics. ~~~~~~~~~~

Which raises the question: Why are we not treating everyone early with therapeutics like Regeneron, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and other proven safe, cheap, and effective drugs that don't case renal failure like remdesivir and don't run the risk of inducing mutations? This is particularly important for those who are immunocompromised. The last thing people who already have fragile organs should be taking is remdesivir.  ~~~~~~~~

Well over a year after it has become abundantly clear that this drug only causes harm and does not save a single life, not a single hospital has stopped using it. These same hospitals are firing talented doctors either for not getting the failed shots or for using ivermectin. They will even go to court to prevent a dying patient with no other options from being administered ivermectin by an outside doctor. Yet they will use remdesivir to the gates of hell.


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December 1, 2021

           Dr. Fauci, you know people are dying from these (non) vaccines right now. You don't know how many are going to die from them 1, 3, 5, or 10 years down the road. How many people have to die from the vaccines before you say that taking the vaccines is more dangerous for society than not taking the vaccines?

Dr. Fauci: 'There is a Misplaced Perception About People’s Individual Right to Make a Decision that Supersedes the Societal Safety'

Dr. Fauci on Sunday told CBS “Sunday Morning” senior contributor Ted Koppel that there’s a “misplaced perception” about people’s rights superseding “societal safety.”

“One of the things that to me was most difficult to accept is that we put together a good plan for how we were going to try and dampen down the spread of infection early on thinking that that was accepted by everybody,” Fauci said to Koppel. “And then, the next day you have the president [Trump] saying, ‘Free Michigan. Free Virginia.’ I didn’t quite understand what the purpose of that was, except to put this misplaced perception about people’s individual right to make a decision that supersedes the societal safety. That, to me, is one of the things that, I think, went awry in all of this.”

“Did you ever raise that with President Trump?” Koppel asked.

“You know, I didn’t have the opportunity to raise it. I was sort of, like, shocked, and then I didn’t speak to him for some time after that. But it was at that point that I realized that I would have to just get out there myself and say things that clearly were going to be contradictory – that it was much worse than we are saying it was, that it’s not going to go away tomorrow, it’s not going to disappear like magic,” Fauci said.


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