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October 7, 2021

         “By Prohibiting religious slaughter without stunning, the Court of Justice of the European Union has placed a potentially terminal obstacle to continued Jewish communal life in Europe. This is not a matter of animal welfare, but the suppression of religious freedom and liberty that is guaranteed in Article 10(1) of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights."

Belgian court upholds ban on religious slaughter

‘Ruling brings Belgium into line with countries whose bans on Shechita date from the Nazi era,’ says president of Conference of European Rabbis.

The Constitutional Court of Belgium has upheld a verdict of the European Court of Justice which ruled that member states of the European Union can ban religious slaughter done without pre-stunning. The ruling itself upheld legislation to this effect passed by the legislatures of the Wallonia and Flanders regions of Belgium in 2017.
In its review of the European Court of Justice’s decision from December 2002, the Constitutional Court stressed in its ruling on Thursday that freedom of thought, conscience and religion was one of the foundations of a democratic society.
It also recognized that the general ban on slaughter without stunning entailed a restriction on the freedom of religion of Jews and Muslims who use such methods and whose religious laws prohibit the consumption of meat of stunned animals.
The ban on slaughter without stunning, however, “responds to a pressing social need and is proportionate to the legitimate objective pursued of promoting animal welfare,” the Belgian court said.
“Furthermore, the possibility of reversible stunning during ritual slaughter cannot be interpreted as prescribing how a religious rite is to be performed,” it argued.
The Conference of European Rabbis lamented the decision, but said the ruling was expected.
“Whilst we are disappointed with today’s judgment, we are certainly not surprised as it upholds the status quo in Belgium,” said Conference of European Rabbis president Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt.
“This ruling confirms the ban on religious slaughter and brings Belgium into line with those few other countries whose bans on shechita [kosher slaughter] date from the Nazi era,” said the rabbi.
“Removing the Jewish community’s ability to be self-sufficient sends a clear message about how Jews are regarded within Belgium and how the authorities see their future.
“The impact is immense and the effect detrimental to Belgian Jews. Now that the legal process has concluded, we hope that parliamentarians will meaningfully engage with religious communities, and it is our hope that shechita can be restored throughout Belgian soon.”
World Jewish Congress president Ronald S. Lauder also criticized the decision in a statement released by the WJC on Thursday.
“Today’s ruling is a continued maneuver to discriminate against Belgium’s Jewish and Muslim citizens,” said Lauder. “By Prohibiting religious slaughter without stunning, the Court of Justice of the European Union has placed a potentially terminal obstacle to continued Jewish communal life in Europe. This is not a matter of animal welfare, but the suppression of religious freedom and liberty that is guaranteed in Article 10(1) of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights.
“As antisemitism continues to surge in Europe and around the world, we cannot let instances of religious persecution like this go unchallenged. The European Union must reverse this ill-advised decision so that Jews, and other minority religions, can practice their beliefs without restrictions.”
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October 25, 2021

        "this is the first time that a senior [Iranian] regime official is threatening the Jews, who have been living in Iran for thousands of years."

Iran verbally takes thousands of Jews living inside its borders hostage

'If Israel makes a mistake, the regime will treat them differently'Iranian Vice President Mohsen Rezaee has created a massive hostage situation, warning on an opposition Telegram channel the Islamic regime there will "take action" against 10,000 Jews living in Iran if Israel "makes a mistake."

The report comes from the Middle East Media Research Institute, which explained the comment came "against the backdrop of Iran-Israel tensions and accusations by the Iranian regime that Israel has a military presence aimed at Iran in Iranian Azerbaijan."


The opposition group's posting said, "In an unprecedented speech, Mohsen Rezaee, [President] Ebrahim Raisi's deputy for economic affairs, took Iran's Jews hostage, warning that they would be punished by the [Iranian] regime if Israel makes a mistake!"

The statement noted Rezaee previously had advocated taking 1,000 Americans hostage "for ransom" to boost the Iranian economy.


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Raisi = Haman

Looks like it's time for Persian Jews to make Aliyah--one way or another--as quickly as possible.

Are these descendants of the Jews who were relocated to Persia after the destruction of the First Temple?

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       Are they the product of the Roman exile of the Jews from Israel 2,000 years ago? I should think so. You know, there is a tomb there for Mordechai and Esther. It is located in the area known as Hamadan. Notice the name Haman in Hamadan. It is thought that the original name of Hamadan was Shushan.



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October 27, 2021

       "Facebook has rejected ads for a class dealing with anti-Semitism and Jewish identity, citing “sensitive social issues” that could influence elections"

       Facebook of course would never do anything that might influence American elections. I guess you can't say things like, "anti-Semitism is bad," or "anti-Semites are going to be in terrible trouble when judgment comes," because it might influence American elections.

Facebook rejects ads for class teaching how to combat anti-Semitism

Facebook has rejected ads for a class dealing with anti-Semitism and Jewish identity, citing “sensitive social issues” that could influence elections or upcoming legislation, according to a report by eJewishPhilanthropy.

The class, “Outsmarting Antisemitism,” is being offered by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), a Chabad organization that offers adult Jewish courses on Jewish history, law, ethics, philosophy and rabbinical literature.

The four part class aims to “examine the roots” of the “ancient hatred” of anti-Semitism. It will discuss anti-Semitism and give students strategies on how to combat discrimination against Jews with “purpose, positivity and pride.”

Over 450 Chabad emissaries are expected to be involved with the worldwide course. Fifty instructors and Chabad centers attempted to run ads on Facebook. The social media giant rejected all of them, citing “sensitive social issues.”

JLI requested a review by Facebook’s ads manager but Facebook turned them down.

While Facebook has come under scrutiny from Jewish and watchdog organizations for failing to remove extremist content from its platform, the social media giant has also been increasingly criticized for removing pro-Israel or Jewish accounts with little notice, some that have been hacked with anti-Semitic material, with the onus on the page's owner to prove they didn't post the hateful content.


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October 28, 2021

        "Sinwar and other Palestinian Arab leaders – like Marwan Barghouti, who is living comfortably today in an Israeli prison, but who could become the next President of the Palestinian Authority – are not expecting that Hamas could successfully conquer Israel by itself. What they are waiting for is the next regional war, when Israel finally confronts Iran and Hezbollah."

Israel, Wake Up!

Hamas has produced a blueprint for “post-liberation Palestine” which describes how they will create the new state of “Palestine” after the Jewish state is destroyed.

It explains how they will variously slaughter, dispossess, or enslave the Jews of Israel, and acquire their property. “This is an issue that requires deep deliberation and a display of the humanism that has always characterized Islam,” they write. Indeed.

This is not a hoax or a propaganda stunt. It is a serious document which tries to grapple with the very real problems that the new regime will have to solve if it is to inherit the land and the wealth that is in the hands of the despised Jews today. It was created by a committee appointed by Hamas leader Yahya Al-Sinwar. The translation to English that is linked above was carried out by the highly reliable Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), who summarize it as follows: ~~~~~~~~~~~

The conference also recommended that rules be drawn up for dealing with “Jews” in the country, including defining which of them will be killed or subjected to legal prosecution and which will be allowed to leave or to remain and be integrated into the new state. It also called for preventing a brain drain of Jewish professionals, and for the retention of “educated Jews and experts in the areas of medicine, engineering, technology, and civilian and military industry… [who] should not be allowed to leave.” Additionally, it recommended obtaining lists of “the agents of the occupation in Palestine, in the region, and [throughout] the world, and… the names of the recruiters, Jewish and non-Jewish, in the country and abroad” in order to “purge Palestine and the Arab and Islamic homeland of this hypocrite scum.”

These are the minutes of a latter-day Wannseekonferenz. And they must be taken seriously, just as Hitler should have been.

I am overreacting, you say. We could turn Gaza into a parking lot in ten minutes. Hamas is a joke and Yahya Sinwar is its punchline.

Well, yes and no. Of course we could turn Gaza into a parking lot; but will we? Sinwar and other Palestinian Arab leaders – like Marwan Barghouti, who is living comfortably today in an Israeli prison, but who could become the next President of the Palestinian Authority – are not expecting that Hamas could successfully conquer Israel by itself. What they are waiting for is the next regional war, when Israel finally confronts Iran and Hezbollah. In the chaos resulting from thousands of rockets falling on Israel from Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, and perhaps Iran and Iraq – including rockets with precision-guidance systems and armed drones – along with a probable invasion by Hezbollah in the North, the situation will be out of control. At that time, uprisings in Judea/Samaria, human wave attacks from Gaza, and an intifada by Arab citizens of Israel, could bring about a military and social collapse.


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November 5, 2021

       "Other states are examining whether Unilever has violated their anti-BDS laws."

New York State to Divest From Ben & Jerry’s Parent Company

Arizona, Florida and New Jersey have already divested or are in the process of divesting from Unilever. New York joined the club, and other states are considering making the move.

It appears that boycotting Israel — or even just Judea and Samaria, the ancient homeland of the Jewish people — doesn’t pay.

New York state’s pension fund will dump $111 million in investments in Unilever, the parent company of Ben & Jerry’s. State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, who oversees the fund, confirmed to the New York Post on Friday that the divestment was because of Ben & Jerry’s boycott of Judea and Samaria.

“After a thorough review, the New York State Common Retirement Fund will divest its equity holdings in Unilever PLC. Our review of the activities of the company, and its subsidiary Ben & Jerry’s, found they engaged in BDS activities under our pension fund’s policy,” DiNapoli said in a statement to the Post.


According to the Post, Jope replied in August that “Unilever has a strong and longstanding commitment to our business in Israel. We employ nearly 2,000 people in the country across our four factories and head office, and we have invested approximately $250 million in the Israeli market over the last decade.”

The CEO then added, “On this decision, it was no different. Ben & Jerry’s has also made it clear that although the brand will not be present in the West Bank from 2023, it will remain in Israel through a different business arrangement.”

However, Unilever’s initial actions during the boycott's early stages contradict that non-interference position. Ben & Jerry’s board chair Anuradha Mittal confirmed in July that the board wanted to boycott all of Israel, but was pre-empted by Unilever. The parent company issued a statement insisting that while Judea and Samaria would be boycotted, the State of Israel would not.

“I am saddened by the deceit of it,” Mittal told NBC News at the time. “This is not about Israel. It is about the violation of the acquisition agreement that maintained the soul of the company. I can’t stop thinking that this is what happens when you have a board with all women and people of color who have been pushing to do the right thing.”

More than 30 states have anti-BDS laws. These laws include divesting state holdings in companies that engage in BDS, or entering into contracts with them.


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November 7, 2021

       There is not a single city in the world, where a country opens up BOTH an embassy and a consulate in the same capital city. When Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the U.S. consulate there was shut down, as it should have been. If the U.S. wants a consulate for the PLO, they should put it in Ramala, where the PLO has its seat of government. Putting it in Jerusalem would only be for one reason, and that reason is anti-Semitic. Anyway, the Jewish people have autonomy over Israel, and the U.S. cannot place a consulate in Jerusalem without Israeli approval. Would they try to open the consulate in Israel even without Israeli permission? One never knows with anti-Semites.

200 Republican lawmakers blast Biden for plans to 'divide Jerusalem'

Two hundred Republican lawmakers signed a letter addressed to President Joe Biden expressing “strong opposition” to his reopening the U.S. consulate general in “Israel’s eternal capital” to provide separate diplomatic outreach to the Palestinians.

“Reopening the US consulate general in Jerusalem would be inconsistent with the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 … by promoting division of Jerusalem,” the letter reads. “This would be unacceptable, shameful and wrong.”

The letter was led by New York Rep. Lee Zeldin. Others signed on the letter include House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23), House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (LA-1), House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (NY-21), House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul (TX-10) and House Appropriations Committee Lead Republican Kay Granger (TX-12), among many others.


“This law stated Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of Israel and remain undivided,” it continues. “However, the Biden Administration’s shameful move would have the unconscionable effect of undermining the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and signal support for dividing Jerusalem. Just recently, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority publicly stated that his reason for wanting this consulate opened is for the purpose of dividing Jerusalem.”

They said that Biden pushing to reopen the consulate moves the region further away from peace. Biden has said that he wants to open the consulate despite Israeli opposition. Both Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid have stressed that they are against the move. The previous prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has also said he is against it.

The consulate was closed down by former US President Donald Trump after he moved the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to be in-line with the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, as mentioned above.


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November 9, 2021

Biden switches back to Obama mode on nuclear-armed Iran

The US has dropped demands for Iran to halt ballistic missile development and regional destabilization aggression from the drive to renegotiate a nuclear deal with Iran. This was indicated by US President Joe Biden at the G20 summit taking place last week in Rome. He merely “pledged” that “if the US returns to the Iran nuclear agreement, it will only subsequently leave if Tehran clearly breaks the terms of the deal.”


These demands were integral to Israel’s support for the diplomatic path Biden has advocated for the resolving the issue of a nuclear-armed Iran. However, the European signatories of the original 2015 nuclear accord (JCPOA) hailed this pledge as the key to unlocking the diplomatic impasse reached on the Vienna track. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and the UK’s Boris Johnson stated: “We welcome President Biden’s clearly demonstrated commitment to return the US to full compliance with the JCPOA and to stay in full compliance, so long as Iran does the same.”

No wonder Tehran was suddenly accommodating and agreed to resuming negotiations next month..


Seen from Israel, the Biden administration has backtracked from its earlier acceptance of the need to restrain Iran’s regional belligerence and ballistic missiles, along with the drive for a nuclear weapon capability:


  1. Iran has already committed numerous breaches of the terms of the 2015 accord, stripping it of content by strides forward its nuclear goal. What do Biden, Johnson, Merkel and Macron propose to do to turn Iran’s nuclear clock back as well as their own?
  2. How much is the Biden pledge worth if his presidency ends in 2024? It won’t be binding on his successors since the Senate has never endorsed the JCPOA and indeed it was never formally signed by Barack Obama and rested only his personal pledge which Biden now offers to renew.
  3. By reverting to the Obama position, Biden too is ready to give Iran free rein on its ballistic missile program and regional warmongering by using terrorist organizations like the Lebanese Hizballah the Iraqi Shiite militias and Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

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