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September 30, 2021

        "This isn’t even all of the videos. Who knows what other embarrassments for the media lie in the rest of the 14,000 hours of January 6 footage?"

Now We Know Why Prosecutors Wanted to Keep Jan. 6 Videos Away from the Public

Now We Know Why Prosecutors Wanted to Keep Jan. 6 Videos Away from the Public

US prosecutors say militia members conspired in Capitol riot | Crime News |  Al Jazeera


When some of this video made its way into the hands of the public, everyone could see exactly why the prosecution didn’t want it to get out: It doesn’t fit the narrative of the ‘deadly insurrection’ that the fake news media has been propagating. Watch for yourself:

The clips cover a period of about 15 minutes on Jan. 6 — between 2:25 p.m. and 2:40 p.m. — in different locations inside the Capitol. They show rioters streaming through open doors and broken windows at an entrance on the Senate side; crowds of people walking into the Crypt, standing in a large crowd, and eventually dispersing; and, finally, rioters exiting as US Capitol Police officers in riot gear gather at the Senate entrance point to stand guard as a mob that’s outside looks in through the broken windows. There is no audio. The cameras are stationed up high and at a distance, providing a wide, stable perspective on the scene.

Tillman is far from a faithful narrator of the footage. She describes the event as an “insurrection,” instead of a riot, although no one has been charged for the “insurrection” and the FBI has not been able to determine that there was any centralized plot to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

There was, indeed, violence in some areas of the Capitol grounds on January 6. But it is not entirely clear that the worst offenders were Trump supporters, rather than anomalous extremists; it appears that the groups are all conflated into a misleading picture of what happened. There were Trump supporters who were merely let into the Capitol building by the Capitol police officers who were supposed to be protecting the building. Many of them merely walked around, took pictures, and protested in a reasonably orderly fashion. This is why many defendants are charged with crimes such as “trespassing” and “parading without a permit.”

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October 4, 2021

       "Crowl did not destroy property, injure anyone or threaten to do so. He is not accused of possessing any weapons or of stealing documents or other items"

The Government’s Case Against Many Jan. 6 Defendants is in Legal Jeopardy

Over 650 people have been criminally charged in connection with the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6.  The main charge against hundreds of these defendants is felony “obstruction” under 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2).

That statute provides:

“Whoever corruptly … obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding, or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.”

Most of the other charges against the Jan. 6 defendants involve misdemeanors sounding in trespass, vandalism and disorderly conduct for which the maximum sentence is one year imprisonment, thus making the obstruction charge the most serious by far.


Crowl did not destroy property, injure anyone or threaten to do so. He is not accused of possessing any weapons or of stealing documents or other items belonging to members of Congress. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment provides that “no person shall . . . be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” The Supreme Court has made clear that this guarantee is violated when the government “takes away someone’s life, liberty, or property under a criminal law so vague that it fails to give ordinary people fair notice of the conduct it punishes, or so standardless that it invites arbitrary enforcement.”

Without such guidelines, explained the high court, a criminal statute would permit “a standardless sweep” that would “allow policemen, prosecutors, and juries to pursue their personal predilections.” How dangerous that would be in the hands of a vengeful DOJ. 


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October 5, 2021

        "We have evidence from a variety of sources that hate speech, divisive political speech and misinformation on Facebook and the family of apps are affecting societies around the world..."


Facebook whistleblower unmasked: Frances Haugen reveals she filed at least eight SEC complaints alleging the social media put its own interests ahead public good and played a role in Capitol riots

A former Facebook employee has unmasked herself as the source behind damaging leaks about the social media giant - and claimed it deliberately sought to stoke discontent to keep users coming back to their newsfeeds.

Frances Haugen, 37, came forward on America's top-rated news show 60 Minutes Sunday night, with the data scientist also accusing her former employer of contributing to the January 6 riots. Haugen, who anonymously filed eight complaints about her former employer said: 'Facebook, over and over again, has shown it chooses profit over safety.'


Haugen, who is due to testify in Congress Tuesday about Facebook's alleged impact on its younger users, also claimed that decision directly-contributed to the violence at the US Capitol.

'As soon as the election was over they turned them back off, or they changed the settings back to what they were before to prioritize growth over safety. And that really feels like a betrayal of democracy to me,' Haugen stated.

Haugen, whose leaks formed The Wall Street Journal's 'Facebook Files' series, also said that Facebook's algorithms - mathematical formulae that help decide which information is most visible on users' feeds - favored hateful content. 

She claimed that a 2018 change prioritizing divisive posts which made Facebook users argue was found to boost user engagement.

That in turn helped bosses sell more online adverts that have seen the social media giant's value creep close to $1 billion. 

Haugen said: 'You are forcing us to take positions that we don't like, that we know are bad for society. We know if we don't take those positions, we won't win in the marketplace of social media,' she said.

The executive, who worked at Google and Pinterest before joining Facebook in 2019, said the scales fell from her eyes after the firm dissolved a unit on civic integrity she'd been working in after the 2020 election.

She explained: 'I don’t trust that they’re willing to actually invest what needs to be invested to keep Facebook from being dangerous.' 

'The version of Facebook that exists today is tearing our societies apart and causing ethnic violence around the world,' Haugen added. 

'There were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook. And Facebook, over and over again, chose to optimize for its own interests, like making more money.'  

After realizing she could no longer trust her company to protect the public, Haugen secretly copied tens of thousands of Facebook internal research which she claims is evidence that 'the company is lying to the public about making significant progress against hate, violence and misinformation.' 

'We have evidence from a variety of sources that hate speech, divisive political speech and misinformation on Facebook and the family of apps are affecting societies around the world,' the complaint reads. 

Haugen claimed that Facebook's 'evidence of harm' extended to its Instagram app, commenting on a study that showed teen girls said the social network site worsened thoughts of suicide and eating disorders.

'What's super tragic is Facebook's own research says, as these young women begin to consume this — this eating disorder content, they get more and more depressed. And it actually makes them use the app more,' Haugen explained.


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October 5, 2021

       “She was the head censor on FB during the election of 2020. Yet she is going to come out and act like she’s a whistleblower? No. Haugen is controlled opposition..."


Facebook Crashes Globally After Mainstream Media Heralds Alleged ‘Whistleblower’

Without warning, Facebook crashed on Monday morning. It’s unclear what caused today’s global outage which saw Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram all crash.

The shutdown comes after a former Facebook product manager turned “whistleblower” leaked tens of thousands of internal documents published in a blockbuster series of reports published by The Wall Street Journal.

Facebook executives admit in the internal memos that Zuckerberg “hobbled” America to get vaccinated, facilitates human trafficking and that the company’s subsidiary, Instagram, is harmful to teenagers among the trove of damning information leaked.

However, the whistleblower, 37-year old data scientist Frances Haugen who led Facebook’s Civic Integrity and Misinformation Group starting in 2019, was the chief censor on the social media platform ahead of the rigged 2020 election.

Unlike whistleblowers who have previously exposed big tech, Haugen is conspicuously being championed by the mainstream media.

While the latest leaked documents confirm complaints repeatedly leveled against Facebook, the latest expose is suspected to be psy-op contrived by Facebook to conglomerate with the federal government to amass unrestrained power.

Facebook executives “see people are leaving Facebook. They’re going to GETTR, they’re going to Telegram. They’re going to all these other places. They’re sharing Rumble,” Human Event’s Jack Posobeic told Steve Bannon on Monday. “She was the head censor on FB during the election of 2020. Yet she is going to come out and act like she’s a whistleblower? No.

Haugen is controlled opposition, Posobeic warns.

“She’s realizing the only way to do this is with legislative action. They want the government to step in and they are going to use brute force,” he said. “They are going to say the only way to fix this, of course, is going to be government action for the ‘greater good.

“Think of any of the whistleblowers who have come forward from Facebook, Google, Pinterest, from Project Veritas – those are the real whistleblowers – the people who lose their jobs, get lawsuits, get ruined. There are guys behind bars. Real whistleblowers don’t get thrown on 60-Minutes. This is an operation.”

Zuckerberg has yet to comment publicly on the slew of allegations published since Sept. 13. Instead, in recent weeks the CEO has posted videos of himself sailing and fencing on his own profile.


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October 10, 2021

       "Far-left Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen...worked for a unit at Facebook tasked with preventing “misinformation” around the 2020 election...It was called the “Civic Integrity Unit,” and as Haugen herself revealed, it was established just in time for the 2020 election, and wound down as soon as Biden won."


IT WAS A SETUP: Fake Whistleblower Frances Haugen Was Part of Anti-Trump Election Meddling Team that Banned Hunter Biden Laptop Content

It was all a setup.

On Tuesday Facebook “whistleblower” and Democrat donor, Frances Haugen went before a Senate subcommittee this week two days after appearing on “60 Minutes” to push for more tech control of free speech as they see fit.

Facebook, Google-YouTube, and Twitter have been eliminating conservative voices on their platform for years. Even President Trump was banned from Facebook after their fake news reports that he organized an “insurrection” at the US Capitol on Jan. 6th.

According to FOX News, Haugen has donated 37 times and given nearly $2,000 to Democrats and related PACs since 2016 while being employed at Facebook, Pinterest, and Gigster, according to Federal Election Commission records.

And now this…

Frances Haugen was part of the anti-Trump Facebook team that banned Hunter Biden content from their platforms in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Breitbart.com reported:

Far-left Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen, who has advised lawmakers to pass legislation that would empower the establishment media at the expense of independent creators, worked for a unit at Facebook tasked with preventing “misinformation” around the 2020 election — the same group that would have been involved in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

It was called the “Civic Integrity Unit,” and as Haugen herself revealed, it was established just in time for the 2020 election, and wound down as soon as Biden won.

This unit, which was tasked with combating “disinformation” around the election, would almost certainly have been involved in the decision to suppress the New York Post’s story.

What’s more, Haugen told the Wall Street Journal that she only joined Facebook in the first place because she wanted to fight “misinformation.”


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October 17, 2021

       "These previously secret records show there was no good reason (for Byrd) to shoot and kill Ashli Babbitt...Byrd claimed, in his own testimony, that he "saved countless lives" that day."

Police documents show 'no good reason' for shooting of Ashli Babbitt

Government watchdog gets internal police documents ~~~~~~~~~~

Fox News reports the watchdog obtained more than 500 pages of internal documents from D.C. Metropolitan Police regarding Babbitt's shooting. ~~~~~~~~~~~

"These previously secret records show there was no good reason to shoot and kill Ashli Babbitt," said Judicial Watch chief Tom Fitton.

"The Biden-Garland Justice Department and the Pelosi Congress have much to answer for the over the mishandling and cover-up of this scandalous killing of an American citizen by the U.S. Capitol Police."

Babbitt was among those who entered the building, sometimes through broken doors and windows, sometimes through doors held open by security officers, that day. They were protesting the plans for Congress to adopt the suspicious 2020 presidential election race results that gave the White House to Joe Biden.

Those results still remain the subject of various audits that focus on, among other allegations, the fact that state and local officials sometimes changed state law for ballots even though they were not authorized to do that. Further, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg handed out nearly $420 million to two activist groups that then turned the money over to local elections officials with instructions that they use it mostly for recruiting voters from Democrat neighborhoods, an investigation revealed.

The officer who fired the shot was Capitol Police officer Lt. Michael Byrd, who faces no punishment or charges for the killing. The report explained the documents showed "witnesses did not see Babbitt holding a weapon prior to her being shot, and reveal conflicting accounts of whether Byrd verbally warned Babbitt before shooting her."

"Sergeant [redacted] observed a white, female protester was climbing through an opened area where the glass pane had been knocked out. He heard a gunshot and this female fell backwards through the opening. The crowd on the other side of the barricaded east doors, began to step back and some put their hands in the air. Sergeant [redacted] observed Lieutenant Byrd step back just after hearing the gunshot. He did not see anything in the female protester’s hands prior to the gunshot," the police documents confirmed.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Byrd claimed, in his own testimony, that he "saved countless lives" that day.

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October 18, 2021

Corrupt Biden DOJ and FBI Are Now Arresting Any of the Tens of Thousands of Trump Supporters Who Were Standing HUNDREDS of Yards Away from US Capitol


In their arrest affidavit that American hero Jeremy Brown was arrested only because he was standing outside the US Capitol on January 6th. The FBI and Biden DOJ even released a new map that shows anyone who was standing near the US Capitol on January 6th can now be arrested.

This is a new maneuver for the Corrupt FBI and DOJ. They are now arresting anyone who stood within hundreds of feet near the US Capitol. The Capitol was not marked that day when the protesters arrived and the protesters were NEVER warned that they were in an “illegal space.”

This is the two-tiered US Justice system at its finest.

The Justice Department explained in its peculiar arrest affidavit for Brown, an Army Green Beret veteran and Oath Keeper associate, that anyone who set foot anywhere in a giant swath of land ranging from the Capitol’s West side lawn to its East side promenade is technically guilty of trespassing:

Under ordinary circumstances, these “grounds” are open to the public, not “restricted.” But because law enforcement erected some police barriers and fencing there on January 6—barriers that were all but removed before most of the attendees even arrived at the Capitol—thousands of Trump supporters unknowingly crossed an imaginary Maginot Line.

The Trump protesters had NO IDEA this was restricted space.

There were neither signs nor warnings form officials that it was illegal to be standing nearly a quarter-mile from the US Capitol on the one side. The FBI and DOJ are making this up as they go.


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October 20, 2021

Judge says civil rights of Jan 6 detainees are being violated, slaps warden with contempt. 'FINALLY!!'

U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth is holding D.C. Jail Warden Wanda Patten and D.C. Department of Correction Director Quincy Booth in contempt of court, accusing them of ‘inexcusable’ delays in providing medical treatment to prisoner Chris Worrell, who is accused of partaking in the January 6 Capitol Hill riot.


“Hearing for Chris Worrell, arrested in March and detained since for offenses related to January 6,” Kelly wrote. “He’s been in DC Gulag for months; Worrell has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and has not received proper treatment. Judge Lamberth, who denied bond for Worrell earlier this month ordered jail officials to provide medical records on Worrell. They did not comply in time.”


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October 21, 2021

       "On January 6th numerous bad individuals, including Antifa, attacked the US Capitol and broke a few windows. But BLM and Antifa are protected by the Biden/Obama government while good Americans are jailed."


President Trump Sues the Corrupt Capitol Riot Committee and the National Archives – The Anti-American Democrats and RINOs are Out of Control

President Trump sued the biased and corrupt US House Capital Riot Committee and the National Archives Committee that is currently harassing the President with a corrupt one-sided investigation.  This committee is not focused on the stolen November 3, 2020 Election, rather it focuses on the Deep State instigated Capitol protests on January 6th.

On January 6th numerous bad individuals, including Antifa, attacked the US Capitol and broke a few windows. But BLM and Antifa are protected by the Biden/Obama government while good Americans are jailed.

Of course, after the event, BLM and Antifa goons were bragging about their efforts on January 6th.

But these people won’t be investigated by the corrupt US House under Speaker Pelosi.  The man they’re after is President Trump because he stands between us and them.

Today President Trump sued the committee and the National Archives.

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit on Monday against the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot, asking a federal judge to stop the National Archives from handing over a raft of documents that President Joe Biden had greenlighted for release despite Trump’s claims of executive privilege.

The lawsuit, filed against the Democratic-led congressional committee and the National Archives itself, said Trump “files this action requesting that the Court invalidate the Committee’s requests and enjoin the Archivist from turning over the records in question.” It argues that “at a bare minimum, the Court should enjoin the Archivist from producing any potentially privileged records until President Trump is able to conduct a full privilege review of all of the requested materials.”

The Democrats have morphed into a Stasi-like communist regime.  Their anti-American actions are tearing the country apart.  President Trump and good Americans are their targets. 


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