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Health Canada Approves What The FDA Does NOT Approve, The Experimental, Dangerous, and Perhaps Deadly: Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J Vaccines. WHAT DOES THAT MAKE HEALTH CANADA?
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To Everyone,

       When we say the FDA has not approved Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J, and throw in AstraZeneca, we mean that the FDA has given them EUAs (Emergency Use Authorizations). This means that the FDA acknowledges that the vaccines are experimental and too new to know what their latent effects are going to be. They could be benign, but they could also be harmful...or even lethal. An FDA EUA is therefore NOT an "approval," but "permission," to go ahead and take a chance on killing yourself.

       The FDA supposedly "Approved" something called, "Comirnaty," which is supposed to be the same as Pfizer, but is not. If it were, the FDA could just approve Pfizer along with Comirnaty, but they do not. In America, Comirnaty is not available, and I understand, has not even been produced. Ergo, they say you can take the Pfizer instead (since it is the same thing anyway - right).

       NOTE that with an EUA however, Pfizer cannot be sued for "unintentioned" harmful effects, while with with an FDA "approval," they could be sued. Therefore Pfizer would be out of their minds to want a REAL approval from the FDA. Think about this: These experimental and likely very dangerous vaccines are ALREADY being used to vaccinate the world, so what would the purpose be for obtaining FDA approval other than to open themselves up to lawsuits? The same is true with the boosters, which are also being given under EUAs.

        The FDA has always taken 10 to 15 years of observation and analysis before it approved a new vaccine. There are no vaccines newer than these however, and there have never been any VIRUS VACCINES like them. The long term effects cannot be known. All other virus vaccines are live virus vaccines, which use weakened or dead viral material and allow God's natural immune system to study it, and place it in God's internal "memory system," consisting of t-cells and more, where the body will be ready to produce massive amounts of antibodies if the real thing ever enters the body in the future. Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and AstraZeneca are NOT live virus vaccines. They are NOT working with God's natural immune system as live virus vaccines do, but apart from it, and doing who knows what to the body? You know what vaccine IS a live virus vaccine? The vaccine made in CHINA!

        These vaccines have been studied for less than 1 year, and in that time more people have died, and more people have suffered severe side effects ALREADY, than with every other virus vaccine in since WWII put together. AND, those harmful effects may just be getting started as the vaccines genetically modified components continue working on the body. That is, the vaccines lose their effectiveness against the virus, but they keep doing things to the body anyway. Who knows what harms and deaths will occur down the road? Who knows that it won't be cataclysmic? Now think about those mandates.

        Also it is now being discovered, particularly in current studies in England, that these vaccines are killing the human natural immunity system. Therefore, not only will the vaccines themselves stop protecting people, but a person's vastly superior God-given natural immune system will also stop protecting a person, or at least be impaired. 2nd vaccines and boosters BOOST and speed up the harm.

         When the natural immunity is eroded, so will the natural protections against every form of cancer, attacks on a body's organs, blood clots, and heaven knows what else.

         So why does Health Canada "APPROVE" these vaccines? Give your opinion by answering the poll question.

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