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August 10, 2021

Mark Zuckerberg Is Planting The First Church Of The Metaverse


Imagine a synagogue where a holographic burning bush recites the Decalogue, or a cathedral where saint icons speak to you directly, or maybe animated deities waving their many arms in Hindu temples. Immersive idolatry is the future of false religion. With 3 billion users worldwide — and zero sense of sacred boundaries — Facebook is poised to lead this spiritual revolution.

From the New Atlantis to Techno-Occultism

It’s true that with enough hyperbole, anything can be described as a “religion.” People often say things like “Art is my religion” or “Nature is my religion.” Critics also use this to scold their opponents, perhaps accurately, saying “Science is their religion” or even “Video gaming is their religion.” But this is not hyperbole: Technology has become a religion.


Many observers are thrilled by these infernal archetypes. In 1988, Timothy Leary published his classic essay “Digital Polytheism: Load and Run High-tech Paganism.” The High Priest of LSD explicitly describes the personal computer in terms of ritual magic: “Today, digital alchemists have at their command tools of a precision and power unimagined by their predecessors."


Incidentally, both Microsoft and Facebook are among the many partners at the XR Association who’ve joined forces to manifest the Metaverse in our daily lives — from basic infrastructure to spirituality. Google, Sony, and HTC are also leaders in the effort. “Immersive technology will play a vital role in America’s drive to Build Back Better,” the XRA website promises. “Over the course of the next decade, the physical and digital worlds will merge at an unprecedented scale.”

While citizens bicker over vaccine mandates and debt ceilings, Big Tech is crafting a parallel universe for a new breed of humans to inhabit. Right now, the “magic mirrors” used to enter that world are touchscreens in our palms. In the coming years, we’ll be wearing them on our foreheads. Each of us will be free to spiral off into our own inconsequential reality, playing make-believe in the shadow of a homogenizing corporate umbrella. It will be heaven on earth.

Maybe you don’t buy that story, and that’s fine. Don’t worry about it! If Zuckerberg’s proposed universal basic income is sufficiently generous, the powers that be will just buy it for you.

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From: Len (AryehLeib613)8/10/21 9:17 AM 
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B"H, I've never used Facebook.

I'm also soured on Microsoft since the eliminated phone tech support. 


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August 11, 2021

          All Marjorie Taylor Greene was doing was trying to save lives. What was Twitter doing? On what basis would the FDA approve any of these experimental drugs, when in the past it has always required 10 to 15 years of research and observation before approving a new vaccine. All of a sudden they think they can start approving them in 2 years? Taylor Greene is not allowed the free speech to share her views?

Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene's account for one week following violation of platform rules

Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene — For Saying FDA Should Not Approve Covid Vaccines

Twitter has suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's account for one week following another violation of the platform's rules, the company said Tuesday.

Greene tweeted on Monday that the Food and Drug Administration "should not approve the covid vaccines." She also claimed the vaccines were "failing" and that they were ineffective at reducing the virus's spread.
In response, Twitter labeled the tweet as misleading and prevented Greene from tweeting for one week.
Tuesday's suspension marks at least the third and toughest penalty Twitter has imposed on Greene for sharing misinformation. In January, Greene was suspended for 12 hours from Twitter for sharing conspiracy theories about the Georgia Senate runoff elections, a move that the company said violated its civic integrity policy. In July, Twitter suspended Greene again for 12 hours for sharing misinformation about Covid-19 and vaccines. (Greene was also temporarily suspended in March but was soon reinstated after Twitter said its automated systems had acted in error.)
According to Twitter's Covid-19 misinformation policy, users can receive a one-week suspension if they violate that policy four times. Violating the Covid-19 policy five or more times can result in a permanent ban. Twitter declined to say how many times Greene has violated the company's rules.

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Socialist Media - The New Rules


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August 18, 2021

       "Zabihullah Mujahid: “This question should be asked of those people who pretend to be promoters of freedom of speech who do not allow publication of all information."


Taliban Spokesman Asked about Freedom of Speech, Tells Media Hacks to Go Ask Facebook, “This Question Should be Asked of Them”

TOLOnews on Twitter: "Happening Now - Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid  addresses reporters in Kabul. Watch live at https://t.co/1z8g9dC1y8…  https://t.co/NtQq8oiEAD"Trump Executive Order Shows Facebook and Twitter's Clashing Policies

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid held a press conference on Tuesday in Kabul. Zabihullah was asked if the new Afghan Islamic government will honor freedom of speech.

He responded to the leftist journalists by telling them to ask the same thing of Facebook!

Zabihullah Mujahid: “This question should be asked of those people who pretend to be promoters of freedom of speech who do not allow publication of all information. I could ask Facebook company. This question should be asked of them.”

Under Joe Biden, Democrats, and their tech partners, the US has no moral authority in the world today. Nice work, Zuckerbucks.


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August 27, 2021

         "There is no better evidence that Big Tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting president of the United States earlier this year,"

Trump asks federal judge to force YouTube to reinstate him

Former President Donald Trump asked a Florida judge on Monday to issue a preliminary injunction against YouTube to reinstate his account.

“What they do is say, ‘Hey, look, we have this free and open community you should join where you can share political thought, updates on family, or even have the ability to make a living,’" Katie Sullivan, executive director of America First Policy Institute's Constitutional Litigation Partnership said during a phone interview with the New York Post.

"But the defendants do not apply their rules evenly or consistently — they censor specific voices and thought so that other users only hear one side of a story,” Sullivan added.

“They encourage users to become reliant on them as one of their main vehicles of communication and in many cases livelihood and now defendants are choosing the winners and losers of society,” she also noted.

Judge Kevin Michael Moore is presiding over the suit against YouTube in the Southern District of Florida, according to the report. The former president's YouTube channel had 2.73 million subscribers at the time it was shut down following the events of Jan. 6.

The actions follow Trump's announcement during a news conference in July that he would lead a class-action lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook and Google after they removed him from their platforms following the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion.

"I stand before you this morning to announce a very important ... development for our freedom and freedom of speech," he said at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

"Today, in conjunction with the America First Policy Institute, I'm filing, as the lead class action representative, a major class-action lawsuit against the Big Tech giants, including Facebook, Google and Twitter, as well as their CEOs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and Jack Dorsey," Trump said.


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Nothing will come of this. So many of those judges are in the pocket of the Dems.


Stop the indoctrination and start educating!.Stop the indoctrination and start educating!



NRA Lifetime Member and 25 yr CCW permit holder

A Mountain Man









From: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon8/30/21 6:35 AM 
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I wish him all the best of luck.



From: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon8/30/21 6:37 AM 
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A_Mt_Man said...

Nothing will come of this. So many of those judges are in the pocket of the Dems.

Then he should take the judge(s) to court for failure to uphold their oath of allowing Trump his Freedom of Speech! He has a lot more money than those judges!



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