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From: OSarge (DD214_98)Aug-10 8:42 AM 
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From: Ritabert DelphiPlus Member IconAug-10 9:33 AM 
To: OSarge (DD214_98)  (2 of 11) 
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You can't fix stupid.


From: OSarge (DD214_98)Aug-10 10:10 AM 
To: Ritabert DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 11) 
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True- but I can laugh at them 


From: Dragonslayer (DAMSEL16)Aug-10 12:46 PM 
To: OSarge (DD214_98)  (4 of 11) 
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Maybe Trump should ask them all for lobotomies and do us a favor.  Though, judging by how they already voted, maybe that is a moot point.


From: Satan4Hire (Rev_Willy) DelphiPlus Member IconAug-10 1:36 PM 
To: OSarge (DD214_98)  (5 of 11) 
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I wonder how many would support making him President for Life (which given the Battle for Penis Supremacy with N Korea may not be that long anyway).



From: OSarge (DD214_98)Aug-10 1:49 PM 
To: Satan4Hire (Rev_Willy) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 11) 
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Yikes... Emperor Tiny Hands


From: TheMeanNurseRN (SwampSparro1)Aug-10 3:39 PM 
To: OSarge (DD214_98)  (7 of 11) 
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At this point it's all we can do.  Laugh, or cry.  I prefer to laugh



From: OSarge (DD214_98)Aug-10 9:26 PM 
To: TheMeanNurseRN (SwampSparro1) unread  (8 of 11) 
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That is the healthier choice 


From: HWPeeler (HPeeler) DelphiPlus Member IconAug-15 2:18 PM 
To: OSarge (DD214_98)  (9 of 11) 
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How would they insure that only eligible citizens were voting? That sounds like "postponed until tomorrow ... that never comes".



From: vilibro311Aug-16 9:31 AM 
To: OSarge (DD214_98)  (10 of 11) 
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You dont have to be a Republican to oppose the US Constitution....start off by dumping that ancient times archaic Supreme Court!!!


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