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We are knitters and crocheters chatting about projects and families. We have a very friendly, knowledgeable group who love to help members solve problems. Don't be shy, come in and visit.

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 Knit & Crochet Welcome to Knit & Chat

We are knitters and crocheters chatting about projects and families. We are also spinners, loom artists, machine knitters, quilters, needlepointers, and those are just a few of our interests and talents. You will find help for all kinds of crafting questions, or answer questions from those seeking your expert help.  Are you looking for a particular pattern? Want to learn a new technique? We have a very friendly, knowledgeable group. Don't be shy, come in and visit.

The ONLY thing that we ask is that you stick to the topics in the threads and start new ones for new thoughts. The management reserves the right to delete or move any messages that are off-topic, or not appropriate for this forum. Large [over 50kb] or inappropriate graphics will be deleted at the discretion of the host. This is a friendly forum, and we ask that you keep your posts courteous, and respect everyone's point of view.

If you have a charity that you would like our members to consider knitting or crocheting for, please send details to the forum host Knit_Chat 

I would like to introduce you to our forum staff. If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact any of these folks and they will get you the help you need.


Host - Carol Ann - ID: Knit_Chat

Assistant - Katherine - ID: 72KBur

Editor - Kiti - ID: KitiKatz1

Yarn Patrol - Stashie - ID: NoYarn4U



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