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From: Marshman (Marchman1)26/8/17 21:25 
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Shinto and Confucian beliefs.... Japan and its ancient past!!

thumbsupFive Reasons Why The Japanese Are So Polite.

xReasons Published on Sep 7, 2016
Politeness is a typical characteristic of the Japanese that other people admire, and here are five possible reasons why.

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From: Wabbeet27/8/17 11:05 
To: Marshman (Marchman1)  (2 of 47) 
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sunglasses I like everything about Japan and in general northern Asians,

except the smog and bathing in the same basin with someone else...




From: BunnyH0p28/8/17 8:26 
To: Marshman (Marchman1)  (3 of 47) 
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It's not sole a Japanese thing, it's an Asian thing to consider other people more than oneself...

however other Asian nations have lost it, so far the Japanese kept the trend going strong!



From: DimeTrious28/8/17 13:39 
To: Marshman (Marchman1)  (4 of 47) 
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Shinto and Confucian is initially a Chinese philosophy not Japanese...




From: lePlongeur31/8/17 11:08 
To: Marshman (Marchman1)  (5 of 47) 
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Japanese people are so polite, they will actually ask for forgiveness before slapping you!




From: JFrançois (JFra2)4/9/17 18:17 
To: lePlongeur  (6 of 47) 
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That's a good one, I've never heard before!!



From: Boba (Boitchy)5/9/17 13:37 
To: Marshman (Marchman1)  (7 of 47) 
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You learn something everyday...

I know only two Japanese families, and yes I learn a lot goodness from them 



From: Cap_Crunch7/9/17 17:58 
To: Marshman (Marchman1)  (8 of 47) 
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The Japanese guy we all know is trying to appease the forum-liberal bully...

check there

The funny side of things -  Peaceful discussion about Languages 



From: Sand_Grain8/9/17 16:41 
To: Marshman (Marchman1)  (9 of 47) 
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Reliability is in their culture; remember during the Tsunami devastation?

Many shopping stores were abandoned for weeks, when the owners came back they just picked up the pieces to restore everything, and, foreign reporters were dumbfounded that absolutely nothing was robbed…  



From: CaroWee9/9/17 22:22 
To: Marshman (Marchman1)  (10 of 47) 
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That's true, when a lot of people live in a small place, everyone has to respect the other person's personal space.. it's like when we go camping and a tent is used during rainy days, everyone has to do their best not to friction with the groups.



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