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From: JadeEyes7/2/01 5:11 PM 
To: Stang (GODb)  (8 of 22) 
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Exactly..... the animals and the plants are here. It's up to the individual to decide what they want to eat without drawing a big banner behind them to do it.

In my area, I find the very SAME people who are protesting hunting/fishing/etc, wear and use leather, drive stinky fossil fuel burning vehicles, and use poster board and magic markers, all made with chemicals and etc.... to make their placards of protest.

Oh yeah, did I mention the wrappers they leave around a site from the foods they eat and drink while picketing?

Reminds me of the time when a small group of protesters against a special deer hunt on state land, decided to cut down trees and lay them across path and roadways to stop hunters from entering the state forest area.....

Some of the trees were very old too. I guess trees' lives don't rate as high as deer lives? I would LOVE them to be the ones who had to come out and feed the deer in the bad times or clean up the smashed bodies when a car or truck would hit the deer.

They're just too busy applying deer deterrents to their shrubs and gardens in the good weather, I guess...

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From: Stang (GODb)7/2/01 7:07 PM 
To: JadeEyes  (9 of 22) 
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Yes, you're completely correct. I don't know how many PETA types and dedicated vegitarians I have seen gladly wearing leather, but it's a lot more than I could count on both of my hands! I believe that they think their cause makes them look noble and righteous in the eyes of certain others and that's what drives them. It's a case of "I don't really care for it, but it looks good." Only if they would look with more scrutiny, they may see how utterly ludicrous they are running around like a bunch of jack-booted nazis demanding that everyone eat only what they deam correct.



From: JadeEyes7/4/01 3:01 AM 
To: Stang (GODb)  (10 of 22) 
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Friends of mine were 'enlisted' to dance at some European powwow, at least that's what the people putting them on called 'em. The people wanted authentic native american dancers and so forth, to make their event better and get more people to come. They were to provide plane tickets to and from, and arrange for travel from the airports to a place to sleep and suitable food to eat, meaning room and board.
That being said, the tickets were supplied, a van met them at the airport to take the bags and such the two hours drive back to the powwow site. They also would make a little bit of money for performing.

Bear in mind that young people went to dance as well, since it would be a good experience to see that part of Europe.
(1 - men's tradish, 1 - grassdancer, 1 ladies northern , two young jingle dancers, 1 ladies fancy shawl and a young men's tradish.)

The site had alot of canvas tipis.... all facing whichever way they wanted to put them. None were put up 'slanted', but rather exactly conical, the wrong way. No rain channels dug, no liners put in. The people putting on the powwow hadn't a clue, and the paintwork done on the tipis was so garish it was scary.
The food for the dancers? Three salads a day, it was a vegetarian event. There was a bean soup for dinner though. Sleeping accomodations were the very same van they arrived in, the floor, the seats, etc., or outside on the ground. No one would let them in a tipi, because they didn't know them. Toileting accomodations? There were some bushes and some trees for everyone to use. Showers? A bucket and hose set on top of the vans/etc to heat up.

Their excuse? "Well, real Indians live like this, it's harder for us Europeans to adjust"

And THIS was from members of a european organization that supposedly raises money to help native prisoners and such.. jeez!!


From: JadeEyes7/4/01 3:04 AM 
To: Stang (GODb)  (11 of 22) 
 1141.11 in reply to 1141.9 
Maybe some vegetarians out there can explain to me why it's okay for some to eat the flesh of a fish, that has blood pumping thru it while the fish is alive, but it's not okay to eat the flesh of a mammal?

I've seen alot of so called vegetarians chow down on tuna and seafood and even chicken, saying it was okay to eat that kind of meat.
I don't understand the difference, if it's muscle tissue and had blood running thru it in the first place.

I can understand eating eggs, or cheese, since as long as the eggs weren't fertilized, they weren't actually chicks. Nothing gets killed for the cheese either, though I would imagine the cows/ewes would rather be left alone....


From: Stang (GODb)7/4/01 9:38 AM 
To: JadeEyes  (12 of 22) 
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I know what you mean. I knew a vegetarian once that would eat shrimp. She said shrimp didn't count. Believe me, I will never be able to understand their logic.

Hmm, I believe I would politely pass on the next invitation to pow wow in Europe! And if they wanted you to live like real "indians" where was the roast buffalo, venison, dried meat and pemmican? Bunch of idiots.



From: NiteFalcon7/4/01 11:48 AM 
To: JadeEyes  (13 of 22) 
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>>I've seen alot of so called vegetarians chow down on tuna and >>seafood and even chicken, saying it was okay to eat that kind of >>meat. I don't understand the difference, if it's muscle tissue and >>had blood running thru it in the first place.

I have met a couple of people like this and fortunately they also weren't the "rabid" kind of vegetarians either so I asked them why they thought fish and such was ok.

The one guys main reason for not eating meat mainly (including chicken) is that he felt that domesticated animals were treated so crappily that he didn't want to contribute to it. Although he though fish led a relatively free and happy life until they were caught so they were ok.

There are also those that are "health" vegetarians that are more primarily not eating red meats...

The above couple examples though aren't the type that go around going "down with meat eaters" either.


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From: NiteFalcon7/4/01 11:56 AM 
To: Stang (GODb)  (14 of 22) 
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>>Hmm, I believe I would politely pass on the next invitation to pow >>wow in Europe!

Yeah with a story like that I couldn't blame you but here is a good story to balance out.

There is a fest here in Dresden called the Karl May Festival. He was an author from former East Germany that wrote cowboy and indian novels and collected various indian artifacts...note: he was behind the former Iron Curtain so never saw the US. I haven't read the novels myself but from what I understand the Indians are primarily the heros in them...anyway I digress. They have a festival every year, although I have only been once (I live here in Dresden BTW) when I was there I went to take a look at the "dancing" on the program. One of the guys gave a description between each song and I went up and talked to them when the took a break. I wa mostly happy to just get to speak English a bit.

Anyway, it sounded like they had a really good deal though from the short time I talked to them. They had a translator that went with them everywhere and apparently the arrived enough before the festival they took them around the city with tours and stuff. Ok, granted I don't have the details like in the "bad" account. But thought I would try and balance the score anyway.

I guess a little longer winded than need be but oh well.


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From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon7/5/01 2:01 PM 
To: JadeEyes  (15 of 22) 
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I dunno...give me a big ole rare blood dripping hunk of steak, big ole potato slathered with butter and a huge salad and I'm happy. I don't understand the veggie tarians, but I respect them for their feelings.
They can send me all their steak and fried chicken...I'll do my part in perservin them.



From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon7/5/01 2:03 PM 
To: NiteFalcon  (16 of 22) 
 1141.16 in reply to 1141.13 
Love the T-shirt...ROFL.



From: Stang (GODb)7/5/01 6:11 PM 
To: NiteFalcon  (17 of 22) 
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Well there is always both good and bad everywhere and in evrything. By the way, I loved the PETA (People for Edible Tasty Animals)



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