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From: Rebekah Morrigan (bizidaam)9/5/01 3:14 PM 
To: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (1 of 3) 
Hiya Sweetie!

Just wanted to check in, ask how you're doing -- you taking good care of yourself?

I ain't forgotten you, keeping you in my prayers and in my heart.

Anyway, here's a big {{{{*SMOOOOOOOOOOOCH*}}}}

Remember I love ya, bro. Give a peep sometime, okay?

Love and hugs and smooches,

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From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/5/01 5:45 PM 
To: Rebekah Morrigan (bizidaam)  (2 of 3) 
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That was wonderful sis. I'm doing okay, thank you. Been busy with classes and all. I sure will sis. Are you doing well? Ya know, I miss you too.




From: Rebekah Morrigan (bizidaam)9/5/01 6:30 PM 
To: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 3) 
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{{{{*SMOOOOOOOOOOCH*}}}} again!

Hey bro! Classes again, eh. When do you graduate?

Life is going well here. My oldest son got married to his sweetheart (Lakota on her dad's side, I think I mentioned her some time back) this past July. Thanks to the generosity of his rich uncle (my ex-bro-in-law), his brother and I got to fly up there for the wedding, and we spent 5 days revisiting some of our old stomping grounds. That was kewl!

Only downside is that they've decided to live in Alaska for the forseeable future, but they'll be flying down here for christmas.

My youngest son got accepted at an art school down in the Cities, where he'll finish out his Junior and Senior year of H.S. He's VERY happy about it. Only downside, he's living a dorm down there, but he should be able to come up home most weekends.

Myself, I finally got out of my old drag of a job, and got a different job in the accounting dept. of the Casino. Almost $2 more per/hr., and I get to work at my own desk with a computer. Just started 2 weeks ago, but I'm thrilled to be doing something that requires some brain power, and not having to stand on my feet and deal with the public day in and day out.

More money will certainly help, too. It's been nothing but a struggle on the financial front for months and months.

I'm still broken-hearted, it's still hard to stay engaged with life. The anniversary of MM's crossing is just 2 months away, I'll probably go through a ceremony with a friend of mine who does those.

But I guess I'm moving on okay all in all. Nothing's gonna bring him back I know, but sometimes it's just hard to be alone, and I can't imagine anyone else good enough ever coming along this late in my life.

Still, I'm alive and there's still things for me to do in this world, so I gotta keep keepin' on.

Love ya,
BW (I nearly forgot about that -- you're the only who still calls me that!)



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