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Bambil, (pl. ak) book, letter: (applied to any writing or writing material. A.)
Bambilenutey, pocket book.
Beson, medicine, physic; (Out of use. A. See chappik it is for mbeson, q. v.)
Bihilewen, to be hoarse.
Biminaten, to spin; (see under P.)
Bingtschwanak, E., the pupil of the eye.
Bischi, yes, indeed, to be sure; (biesch, H. ibid.)
Bischik, yes, indeed, to be sure.
Bischuwi, wilderness; (arch., A.)
Blaknik, flying squirrel.
Blenhotik, black snakeroot.
Bloeu, Z., a turkey cock. (Ploeu, turkey of either sex. A.)
Bochwejesik, Z., joint of the foot.
Bochwinan, to skin an animal.
Bohhuhachqua, basket wood.
Bohhuhan, to peal off the rind of a tree.
Bokandpechin, to bruise the hand.
Bonihen, to lay on (wood on a fire).

Ceppitsch, Z., a conspiracy.
Chaasch, eight.
Chaasch tcha pachki, eight hundred.
Chaaschtchenachke, eighty.
Chaihoak, Z., clothes-lice.
Challanunschi, sumach.
Chammap, Z., fed (he or it was fed. A.).
Chans, elder brother.
Chanson, bedstead.
Chasquem, Indian corn.
Chauchschisis, old woman.
Chauwalanne, fork-tailed eagle.
Chawachto, dear, high priced.
Cheiho, Z., the body (means that which is whole, entire. A.).
Cheinutey, saddle bag.
Cheli, much.
Chelit, a great deal.
Ches, pl. ak, skin; leather; machtschilokees, Z., a leather string. (Choi, a pelt. A.)
Chesimus, younger brother or sister.
Chessachgutakan, leather breeches.
Cheweleleney, manifold.
Cheyjantup, Z., a scalp.
Chinqualippa, great buck.
Chiquasu, patched, mended.
Chitquen, deep water, high water.
Choanschikan, Virginian (virginity?)
Chokquinen, to cough.
Chokquineu, A., he has a disease with coughing.
Chokquinewagan, cough.
Chottschinschu, big trough, large bowl; chotachsun, Z., a large stone.
Chowasquall, old dry grass.
Chumm, daughter-in-law; (lit., my daughter-in-law. A.)
Chuppecat, deep, high water.
Chwelensowagan, pride.
Chwelhammook, great many deer tracks.
Chweli, much, many; chweltol, as many; chwelopannik, there were many.
Clagacheu, H., it is aground, or, rests on something.
Clahican, Z, a steel trap.
Clamachpin, Z, to sit still; clamachphil! H., sit still!
Clamhattenmoagan, Z, steadiness.
Clammieche, Z, to lie still.
Clampeechen, Z., still or standing water.
Colassu, Z., sweat by a bath.
Combach (quall), Z, leaf, leaves of a tree; cumbachquiwi, it is full of leaves; compare wunissak (arch., A.).
Commoot, or, Commootgeen, Z, stolen.
Cub'bachcan, thick; cubbachcan packchack, a thick board; cubbachcan schackeef, a thick skin.
Cuwe, Z, pine tree; cuweuchac, pine wood (properly p'koweu, it is sticky, alluding to the resin. A.)

Dachiquamen, to patch, to mend.
Dachiquoagan, a patch.
Dajasgelendam, to desire ardently, to wait for with much concern.
Dalakihillen, to tear, rend in two.
Dalaktschetechen, to fall and burst open.
Dallumens, tame creature; (any domestic animal, see allums. A.)
Damachgigamen, to tread under foot.
Damaskhikan, a scythe.
Damaskhiken, to mow.
Damaskus, muskrat; (dub. mod. chuaskquis. A.)
Dawamhican, Z, the jaw bone.
Delachgapachgunk, in the cleft of a rock.
Dellemangan, the thick part of the arm; (thy, etc. A.)
Dellsoagan, manner, custom, habit; (thy habit. A.)
Demasxalo, a file. .
Despehhellan, to have the smallpox.
Despehhellewagan, smallpox (dub., A.).

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