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Ha, ha! exclamation of laughter.
Hackialachgat, Z., a cellar.
Hagiach, Z., beans, earth-beans.
Haken, coal; (not in use. A.)
Hakey, body, self; (w'hakey, his body; always with possessive pron.)
Hakeyiwi, bodily, corporeal.
Haki, earth ground.
Hakiachxit, bean.
Hakihakan, field, plantation.
Hakihen, to plant, to farm.
Hakihet, planter, farmer; (ek'hakihet. A.)
Hakink, under; -untschi, from below.
Hallachpis, Z., wild hemp.
Hallemiwi, eternal, eternally.
Hallepangel, barrel, cask (not a native word. A.)
Haniqus, ground squirrel; (any kind of squirrel. A.)
Hapichque, Z., a rib (opichque, a rib; opochquan, all the ribs. A.)
Happa, yet a little while; a little longer.
Happachpoon, chair; saddle; bench; seat.
Happenikan, pincers.
Happi, with it, in the bargain.
Happis, a band for carrying burdens.
Haschawije, square; (lit., many corners; schaweje, one corner, a square corner. A.)
Haschi, ever, at any time.
Hattape, bow.
Hattawaniminschi, dogwood; (not now used.See taquachhakaniminshi. A.)
Hattees, sinew.
Hattelu, having.
Hatten, he has, it is there.
Hatton, to put, to place, to fix; (to put in a place. A.)
He, he! exclamation of laughter.
Helleniechsin, to speak the Indian language; (from lenno, man. A.)
Hempsigawan, Z., a tent.
Hickachquon, shin; (w'ichkachquon, his shin bone. A.)
Higihhillen, the water falls, abates.
Hikan, ebb tide; (at the ending of the flow. A.)
Hikpesemen, to boil water in till dry.
Hilleu, commonly.
Hitguttit. little tree.
Hittandelitewagan, instruction.
Hittuk, tree; (the prefex M' is necessary. See Mehittuk. A.)
Ho, exclamation of vociferation.
Hobbenis, turnip; (lit., a small tuber, potato, etc. A.)
Hob'bin, A., a potato.
Hoh, exclamation of surprise.
Hoh, exclamation of joy.
Hokes, bark of a tree; (some particular bark not now known. The usual word is anschuin. A.)
Hokeyall, himself.
Hokquoan, pothook; a chain.
Hokunk, above, above the earth; -li, upward; -untschi, from above.
Hoos, kettle, pot.
Hopexu, kidney; hope'xuac, pl., Z., (not in use. See oteloos. A.)
Hopikan, rib; (opichquai. A. See hapichque.)
Hopiquon, foreshoulder.
Hopoakan, a pipe for smoking; (arch., A.)
Hopochquan, side.
Huh! exclamation of vociferation.
Hukqui, chin; (w'ikqui, his chin. A.)
Hukquomilan, hail; (mukquomelan. A.)
Hummak, Z., head lice.
Husca, very; -mcheli, very much; (husca, wisca, properly means new; kange, is very, as kange wulit, ery good. A.)
Huscateek, very much, very much so.

Ichauweleman, to let somebody have the preference.
Ichauwelendam, to prefer; (tachauwelendam, to desire to give one an advantage. A.)
Ichauwi, rather.
Ihiabtschi, still, to this time.
Ihih! exclamation of grief.
Ijabtschi, yet, still, nevertheless, however.
Ika, there, yonder; -talli, there, over there; -untschi, from there, thence; (nellak, is used locatively with hese terminations, not ika. A.)
Ikali, thither; (nellakli'. A.)
Ikalissi, further, still further; still more.
Ikalitti, a little further.
Ikih! exclamation of grief.
Ilau,., a war chief; (properly, a man of valor, one experienced in war, not necessarily a chief. A.)
Ili, however, nevertheless, still, yet, though; -matta, ot even, allowi matta, let alone; - wsami, quite too.
Ink (suffix), in, in the, on, out of.
Iwi! exclamation of grief.

Jagatamoewi Gischuch,
July; (from amoe -honey bee month. A.)
Jaga'wan, hut, house; (not in use. A.)
Jahellaap, net of yarn; (not now known.A.)
Janewi, always, at all times.
Japeechen, along shore, along the bank, on the river side.
Japewi, on the bank, at the edge; a high bank.
Jawi, on one side.
Jechauwelendam, to love better, to prefer; (see Ichauwelendam.)
Ju, exclamation of joy.
Ju, well!
Ju, here. hither; -endalauchsit, man; -shaki, so far as here; -talli. just here; -undach, this side; -undachqui, here, hither, this way; -wuntschi, from hence, for that reason, therefore.
Juch, well!
Juchnall, hither.
Juchnook, well!
Juchta, now (used in petitioning or interrogating).
Juhuh! exclamation used in calling.
Juk, these.
Juke, now, presently; -gischquik, today; -likhiqui, at this time, about the present time; -petschi, till now, hither; -untschi, henceforth.
Jukella! ah! oh that! would that!
Juketeek! oh that!
Jukik, these.
Julak, there.
Jullik, these.
Jun, here; through here; there; this one; -talli, here.
Juque, now

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