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From: Guest7/23/02 4:03 PM 
To: Mark S Madrid (madridm)  (1 of 3) 
I know you are busy, sorry if I am bothering you with this. Eagle Warrior sent this link of his stuff to some one up in Ruins and they sent it to me. I was just wondering if you had heard of him before or anything.
here is the link as well.


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From: Mark S Madrid (madridm)7/23/02 10:59 PM 
To: Guest  (2 of 3) 
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hmmmmm.. ... never heard of this guy before. Been following his "dude with 'tude" approch to knowing everthing in the world. We used to call this bullying style of person an "anger magician."

Having been involved in bringing soy (tofu, milk, tempe) to this hemisphire during the 70's I find his "facts" about nutrition somewhat lacking... close but no cigar.

I was once the gateman and leaeson to AIM and the American Indian communities for the Farm in Tennessee, the largest intentional community in the world.

There were 1000 folks in Tenn with 15 other communities through out the world. We were compleate vegans, grew our own food, built our own homes, published books, sent volenteer crews around the world to assist areas that were affected by earthquake, famaine, war, where ever we were asked to go... blah blah blah....

At that time, Albert Swietzer's granddaughter was the head of the Unicef childrens food team. She and her team came every year and tested a core group of us (myself included) because we WERE a vegan community. The basic componit of our diet is still in use as the dry meal that goes out from the UN in disaster situations around the planet. I'm including this little ditty to indicate that I know of where I speak about the nutritional requiements of the human ape.

as far as our "dude with 'tude"... I'll check around and see if anyone can help reveal this "fellow"

Mark S Madrid
Florida State Information Director

The American Indian Movement of Florida
Cuko Mvskoke

From: Guest7/24/02 8:34 AM 
To: Mark S Madrid (madridm)  (3 of 3) 
 1412.3 in reply to 1412.2 
Thanks Mark,
The person who sent me the link yesterday and myself did a little checking around online. It looks like his real name is Louis Levin.
It sounds like you have had a very interesting life <G> I have no problem with someone being vegan. One of my brothers (in-law) is vegan. I cook for him when he comes to visit, and the nutritional requirments are met as long as you do mix and match the foods around.
As for EW, I dont know something about him bugged me from the beginning. I thought at first it was just the 'tude (or maybe me LOL)


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