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From: Hiker1999 DelphiPlus Member Icon1/31/04 11:06 AM 
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I have been working on my family tree for years now. Researching my great-grandmother's (maternal maternal side), I have found that the family married a member of the Cherokee tribe many years ago. This information comes from stories that g-grandma told me years ago and from information contained in other people's research on this line.

Are there any websites or other references that are available that anyone would recommend to research the Cherokee line of my family history?

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From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon1/31/04 12:27 PM 
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There are a lot of sites out there, and such.
However, I would try the Dawes Roles at
If your ancester was living in Indian Territory when the role was tqaken, they should be on there.
Good Luck.

From: Hiker1999 DelphiPlus Member Icon2/1/04 4:17 PM 
To: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 4) 
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Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, the marriage happened in the 1830's. I have tried several sites and cannot turn up anything.

From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon2/6/04 11:37 PM 
To: Hiker1999 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 4) 
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Hiya Hiker:

Keep trying...the fun is in finding out little bits and pieces and trying to link them together, no matter what your heritage is.
Also, try some of the other forums. All Natives is a great site and has folks there that can tell you how to find most needles hiding in the haystacks.



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