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MNN.  April 30, 2006.  Late into the night we can
hear singing from the nearby OPP camp, "I wanna go,
I wanna go home .. to Hamilton, Toronto, Brantford,
Oakville, Burlington, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo,
London . I wanna go to my home on Rotino'shon:ni
land".  We hope they're starting to see the
illegality and futility of their mission to sit like
a bunch of ground hogs watching and waiting in the
hope that we'll do something that will give them an
excuse to attack us.  How can the public afford to
have 1000 OPP, 250 RCMP and the Canadian army at the
ready when Canada is completely in default?  They
should just sit down and work out with us how to
right the wrongs.

Lenin says that you are in a "police state" when the
cops earn more than the teachers.  They say in
Toronto a beginner cop with a high school education
before police college gets $82,000.  A teacher gets
$38,000.  So, folks, wake up and look at what's
happening.  Tasers are worse than truncheons.   

This is day 62 of our protest.  Today the OPP has a
barricade 30 ft. in front of ours at the site of the
illegal Henco Industries housing project at
Caledonia.  We go over and chat with to them and
share coffees.  They stop all vehicles coming and
going, especially emergency ones.  The bigger reason
is to stop the angry Caledonia residents from
rushing our barricade and attacking us, so they tell
us.  They must be really happy that the locals got
out of hand.  They seem to have forgotten that there
were no problems between us until the cops showed

We have had many threats to take us down.  The OPP
advanced over us in a predawn attack on April 20th.
We fought them hand to hand, took our land back and
kicked them off.  They went away mad and got
reinforcements of more heavily armed OPP, RCMP and
the Canadian Army.  They formed a 50 sq. mile
perimeter around us.  Helicopters are flying
overhead constantly.  Parabolic microphones listen
to everything we say.  Infra-red imaging follows
everyone, including the dogs and the gophers.
There's high tech everywhere.  They treat us like
animals in a zoo!  Is that what they think we are?
Our people need night vision goggles just like the
police so we can watch their movements too.  The
Caledonia rioters have come a few times to try to
rush our barricades.  We remain unarmed and
vigilant.  More than ever we continue to need your
support and to come and stand with us in solidarity
at the site (Highway 6 and 6th Line, 20 minutes
south of Hamilton Ontario Canada).  

We want Canada and Ontario to obey the laws and
promises that were made that there would never ever
be any encroachment on our territory.  They were to
never steer our canoe and they would always remain
in their boat.  Today we are squeezed onto 5 % of
our land base, while Canada's largest cities and
towns are illegally sitting on our land.  Besides
the outright theft, there are outstanding rents,
leases and unfulfilled obligations we have been
fighting for in the last 200 years. 

The media is still concentrating on the angry
Caledonia residents probably hoping for an incident
that would justify moving the army closer.  The
people of Six Nations and our allies behind the
lines and the scenes continue to make progress of a
more significant nature. 

We'd like to assure you that we are not sitting
idly.  Our Law is alive!  We can see it working on
many levels.  We are using our own process.  Clans,
chiefs, men and women and the people are working
together.  We are all carrying out our
responsibilities.  We continue to support those
people who are under a great deal of pressure at
this time. With everything that is happening, we are
listening to the people.  They are speaking and
having their voices heard. 

As snipers continue to point guns at us, we continue
our colonial Canadian style negotiations.  It takes
a lot of courage to deliberate while heavily armed
police practically breathe down our necks.  Talks
will resume on Monday with the OPP and our delegates
will be sitting at the table.  It is the beginning.
We have won on so many levels.  Don't be
discouraged, keep the vigils going and continue to
support us.  What we are doing affects all
Onkwehonweh people and our allies as the law is
intended for all. 

Janie Jamieson is one of our articulate
spokespersons.  The OPP have stated they will arrest
her if she attends the negotiations.  Their
injunction is illegal and should be set aside.  

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty appointed former
Ontario Premier David Peterson to be the negotiator
for Ontario.  He's a lawyer and so he will probably
try to impose foreign laws on us.  Our position is
that the clan mothers have to be at the table; our
designates from the site need to be at the table;
and we want a letter of confirmation from the Crown
that the federal and provincial representatives are
delegated to speak on Her Majesty's behalf on a
nation-to-nation level.  Mr. Peterson better have
his letter from the Queen.  Otherwise we have no
business talking to him.  
So far the Six Nations blockade has received
messages of support from our brothers, sisters,
friends, allies and organizations all over the world
- Canada, United States, Mexico, Chile, Argentina,
Venezuela, New Zealand, Australia, China,
Phillipines, Palestine, Iran, Punjab, Germany,
France, Britain, Guyana, South Africa and all cross
Turtle Island. 

The Six Nations people and those who are standing in
solidarity with us are still on the site of the
illegal housing project in Caledonia.  There have
been blockades, protests and rallies in Vancouver,
Calgary, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Winnipeg, Toronto,
Montreal , St. John's Newfoundland and New York
City.  We have told our story around the world on
regular and internet radio.  We have received
written support from unions like the Canadian Auto
Workers, Canadian Labor Congress and many native and
non-native organizations.  The alternative media has
been updating and keeping the details out there.
Listen to "Native America Calling" on 106.5 in
Toronto or at 6:00 EDT to
get an update.

We're trying to get a little rest.  Aw, do we have
to listen to the OPP moaning and groaning, "Gee, ma,
I wanna go home.  I'm tired and I wanna go to bed.
I got ordered to fight the Injuns about a week ago,
and it went right to my head.  So now I want another
order so I can go home".  Our chorus is, "Gee, guys,
why don't you just go to your home on native land?"

Nia:wen to all.
Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News


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From: ctj5275/5/06 12:43 PM 
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Do you know Greg Powless?

I. e.,    some of his relatives are among the Mohawks in conflict with the white canadians,   Tim!

Greg's dad was/is a Mohawk chief...





From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon5/5/06 1:40 PM 
To: ctj527  (3 of 3) 
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Nope. Not personally.



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