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2006 Oglala Commemoration Statement from Leonard Peltier
Greeting my relatives,

And again I must say "my relatives" because we are all related in one way or
another by natural design of the Creator or our common concerns for the
Earth and freedom. I want to acknowledge another year gone by since my last
statement was read to you and I want to again thank all of you supporters
for your continued efforts to right the wrongs that have befallen both my
people and me.

Being here in prison on its very best day is not good. The reason I say this
is, because I want to acknowledge that there is always someone in a more
difficult situation than your own. An example which I will share is one day
on entering the visiting room here, I saw a paraplegic in a wheelchair who
had dropped the wand type instrument that he holds in his mouth and uses to
maneuver the controls on his electric wheelchair. He asked me to pick it up
for him, which I did. It also happened to be a day when I was feeling kind
of down myself. After seeing this man, I felt somewhat ashamed and counted
my blessings. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you are free and can
chose your destination from one place to another, whether it be physical,
mental, spiritual or emotional, count your blessings.

I was looking through some of my stuff the other day and I came across a
card that I had not finished writing in and had misplaced. It was a card to
a friend in which I had written "always remember the Creator is with you
even though you may not have noticed." And I would like to impart that to
you, my relatives. I truly believe the Creator loves us and continues to
provide for us but, we must also take responsibility upon ourselves to be
part of that providing for ourselves, our children, our children's children,
and all future generations.

Thirty one years ago, the Lakota elders asked for help and protection from
the goon squad that was terrorizing the Lakota Nation. I along with many
others responded to that call. Every year since June 26, 1975 people gather
at Pine Ridge and various parts of the world to pay their respects for the
people who died during the Reign of Terror. I want to convey this message to
you my relatives; June 26, 1975 is not about me, Leonard Peltier. I simply
responded to a call to help others protect our lands, culture and
traditions. Yes, I will admit that it makes me feel honored that people do
meet on June 26, and other days and remember me however I ask that you never
forget those that also helped and those that died during the Reign of
Terror. I ask that you not loose focus on the real issue that of people
suffering and experiencing hardships that need not be. Even today we see
children, women and elders being murdered all in the name of justice. We see
lands being taken, and cultures being robbed of their languages, their
tradition and their right to freedom of religion. I must share with you that
as the years have passed, and every day the cell door opening in the morning
and the cell door closing at night is one of the sounds that I hear
routinely every day, I have not forgotten what I was asked to do and that
was to respond to the call that our Elders sent - A cry for help. I now ask
you, what are you doing to respond to the call by others who need help? I
leave you with this message, June 26, is not about me, Leonard Peltier but
about what are you going to do to protect our Mother Earth and to help

"Remember, our work will be unfinished until not one human being is hungry,
or battered, not one single person is forced to die in war, not one innocent
languishes imprisoned and no one is persecuted for his or her beliefs."

I look forward to hearing from you as to what you will be doing to protect
our Mother Earth. What are you going to do to help our brothers and sisters?
Will you respond to the call to help, or will you sit comfortably in your
homes, enjoying the news and feeling sad about events and hardships that are
occurring to our Mother Earth and our brothers and sisters. How are you
going to respond to the call of help from your brothers and sisters, and
from our Mother Earth? For those of you who are free remember you can choose
your destination, it is up to you the path you choose to take.

We are all related,
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
Leonard Peltier 
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