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One Nation, One land, One people
August 30, 2006

We stand as one people for our sacred lands, side by side as one nation. Indigenous people unite in fighting for our rights and for what was once, our land. As we stand as one, it doesn’t matter where we are on Turtle Island . We belong to hundreds of different nations, Cherokee, Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, Ponca, Dine, Hopi, Apache, Pueblo, Mohawk, Seminole, Shoshone, Pawnee, Nez Perce or Crow, we are all one nation, one land, one people. Is this dream that came to me, “Indigenous people, One Nation” from a time so far in the past, or a reality yet to come? Can we in fact be One Nation and stand side by side, fighting for what’s right?

Our ancestors fought for these lands, thousands lost their lives defending it. Now they are once again subjected to the hands of the white man, only now it’s digging them up to study them. This disrespect of grave robbing and putting our ancestors on display does not occur to any other people, but ours. The white man’s courts fight us, when we cry regarding the continual desecration of our sacred sites and disrespect to our people. They stole our lands, broke our treaties and continue to take what is not theirs. They disrespect our sacred sites by flooding, building disgraceful bars, ski resorts, climbing on, or bulldozing for new buildings. Many of these people claim they are honoring us, if this is honor, I don’t accept. Honor is standing up for the rights of your people, giving your life fighting to protect them, fighting for what you believe in and fighting for beliefs and spirituality. Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Geronimo, Chief Joseph and the thousands of warriors that gave their lives for the people, they had honor.

Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what’s left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten? Our sacred sites represent who we are as a people, connect us to our ancestors and to the Creator. If these places vanish where we go to pray, to fast, to speak with our ancestors, to dance, where our ancestors are laid to rest, we as a people will be no more. For 514 years the white man has tried to exterminate us, assimilate us and now attempting to wipe out all we have left; our sacred sites and spirituality.

Will you stand by and let them take all that remains of our being? Will you let them continue to desecrate our sacred lands? Or, will you take a stand and say no more?!

Every Tribal Nation is being subjected to this dishonor, disrespect and potential annihilation of our sacred sites and heritage. We must stand in unity side-by-side, as one nation, one people, one land, all across Turtle Island . It has come time for the division among our people to end and for everyone to come together. It doesn’t matter what nation you are from, how much blood quantum you have, or if you live on the rez or not. We have a chance to make a difference for our people in strength and unity as “Indigenous people, One Nation.”

Please help this dream become a reality, take a stand, protect our sacred lands and sites, before everything as we know it, becomes just another lie in the chapters of history.

What will you do today to make a difference?

Please join us for
A Gathering for Healing, Unity & Solidarity
Indigenous People, One Nation
At Sacred Sites all across Turtle Island
Summer Solstice, 2007

Stay tuned for gathering details or contact for further information.

Written by; Tamra Brennan, Mixed blood Cherokee and Director of
This article may be re-published if kept in its entirety, not modified or altered.

In peace & solidarity,
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