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From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon5/18/07 4:39 PM 
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Pine Ridge Reservation still dry after all these years
Friday, May 18, 2007
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The Pine Ridge Reservation is the only reservation in South Dakota to remain dry. Many people want it to stay that way.
But others say alcohol is a reality that the Oglala Sioux Tribe can't ignore. "The white people tried Prohibition. It didn’t work," Alma Brewer, a retired substance counselor, told The Rapid City Journal.
Supporters of a wet reservation say revenues from liquor sales could be used to fund alcohol and substance abuse programs. They say it could eradicate bootlegging and regulate an industry that benefits non-Indians in the border town of Whiteclay, Nebraska.
"They contribute nothing back to our people," said tribal councilman Tom Poor Bear. "The border towns are sure getting rich off us."
But many others cite the destructive nature of alcohol as one reason to support the ban. "It would be just bringing the whole problem and setting it right in the middle of us," said Kay Red Hail. "We don’t need that."
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Principle or practical: Reservation alcohol ban sparks debate (The Rapid City Journal 5/18)

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From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/18/07 11:29 PM 
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This reallly doesn't have anything to do with the issue of a dry reservation, but in my opinion, anyone who sells alcohol or tobacco is nothing more that a "legal" pusher making profits from hurting people.  Prohibition may not have worked when my white forebearers tried it, but I don't think it hurts to try to make substances that harm people more difficult to get.

The only reason alcohol and tobacco are legal is because corporations and people are getting very, very wealthy hurting people.




From: Cherokee21 DelphiPlus Member Icon6/5/07 5:40 PM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 4) 
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I agree Jeanne.
And it seems like the more dangerous a product it to humans, the richer the business folk get from it.



From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon6/5/07 8:58 PM 
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If the majority of people at Pine Ridge have decided they want the reservation to be dry, then that's the way it should be.  I really don't see anything wrong with the ban.




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