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Yankton Sioux protest against hog farm continues
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The Yankton Sioux Tribe of South Dakota continues to protest a hog farm under construction in Charles Mix County.
The tribe won a tribal court order that bars Longview Farms of Iowa from the reservation. Protesters plan to block a Bureau of Indian Affairs road that is the only means of access to the hog farm site.
The owner of the hog farm wants to discuss it with the tribe. But tribal leaders say the operation will harm the environment and create health hazards.

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Protesters Back At Hog Farm Today

Officials of a company building a large-scale hog farm near Wagner ended a public meeting concerning the operation tonight to a chorus of boos.

Officials said they agreed to hold the meeting until 9:30 Central time. When 9:30 arrived, they said they had answered all the questions they could and the meeting was over.

The Yankton Sioux Tribe opposes the planned farm west of Wagner. Tribal Vice President John Stone says the tribe will continue its effort to stop construction. He says protesters will be back on a BIA road near the site today.

Stone says, "I'm 100 percent sure we're going to win this situation."


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Foes decry planned hog farm

WAGNER - Opponents of a planned hog confinement near Wagner waved protest signs and vented their frustrations Monday night at a meeting with the project's supporters.

More than 500 Yankton Sioux tribal members and Charles Mix County residents showed up at Wagner's National Guard Armory to hear presentations from the Long View Farm's project engineer, manager and others. The Iowa-based Long View Farm is planning a 3,400-head hog confinement southwest of Wagner on property surrounded by areas of tribal land. Protesters have been at the site for more than a week as construction crews have worked.

While those representing the hog farm spoke Monday, some tribal members in the audience held signs that read, "Stop lying," "Put It In YOUR Backyard," and "No HOGS!"

Some Lake Andes children wore T-shirts that read, "Kids 4 Clean Air" and carried signs such as, "Protect Our Future," and "We Say No to Pollution Go Back to Iowa."

Long View Farms is composed of 11 farm families in northwest Iowa, said Jeff Kayser, production manager for Suidae, the company that will manage many of the day-to-day operations at the farm. He told the crowd that the operation originally was to be 5,870 sows, but last winter investors opted to reduce the operation's size to 3,400 head to meet their immediate pig-flow needs. The site near Wagner was chosen from 11 in Iowa and South Dakota.

Todd Van Maanen of Eisenbraun and Associates engineering firm in Yankton outlined the farm's operating practices. He said it would be clean and the operation would not move toward Marty.

Van Maanen said the farm would cost $6 million to build, with $1 million a year on feed, with other economic benefits to the area. The farm would employ 12 employees, who would receive benefits. It is scheduled be finished in January.

A Rosebud Sioux tribal member, Claudette Arcoren, spoke against the operation. During the question-and-answer part of the meeting, she said that when developers put up a hog confinement operation on the Rosebud reservation, they promised jobs and to give money to the tribal council.

Since then, they have used up much of the water, she said.

"They are leasing land for $1 a year," she said. "Sometimes, our homes run dry. You think it's clean. It isn't clean."

When tribal members cheered Arcoren's speech, Kayser threatened to leave. But John Stone, vice chairman of the Yankton Sioux Tribe, said Arcoren is a respected tribal elder and pointed out that it was the audience members' turn to speak.

Brad Greenway, a rural Mitchell hog producer, spoke in defense of the operation. He showed photos of how his family hog operation expanded and explained how it worked.

"This is on my land," he said. "My children are here. We are breathing the same water and same air."

Chad Kreeger, whose land is a half-mile from the site, expressed concern about the effect of his property value.

Izzy Zephier of Marty, an opponent of the project, said the protest will continue.

When the meeting ended about 9:30 p.m., some law enforcement officers escorted the project's supporters out of the armory's gym through a back entrance.

Reach Melanie Brandert at 977-3926.


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Yankton Sioux Tribe hosts meeting on hog farm
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The Yankton Sioux Tribe of South Dakota hosted a meeting on a controversial hog farm under construction in Charles Mix County.
Several hundred people attended the meeting, The Yankton Press and Dakotan reported. Many of them were tribal members who oppose the Long View Farm operation, citing impacts on the environment.
At the tribe's request, the owners of the farm didn't attend the meeting. The engineering firm that is building the facility tried to address concerns about the impact of the operation but critics weren't swayed.
The Rosebud Sioux Tribe passed a resolution in support of the Yankton Sioux Tribe's opposition.


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from a friend.

seems snipers and SWAT members are hanging around the area. May bear some close watching.


Hello everyone,

Just got off the phone with my friend there and she said that they had gotten the video, below, up on You Tube. Forward it on PLEASE!

Also, seems there is much more to this issue than just, as the mainstream media is saying, that the "smell" is what is upsetting the locals.

WRONG ANSWER! There is a fresh water stream that feeds directly into a beautiful WETLAND AREA! Yes indeed... great place to put a several thousand population hog farm.

Will keep you posted as to where this is headed. My sister said to tell all of you THANK YOU! They appreciate the prayers and support very much.

Robin Carneen at NAMAPAHH radio and I are trying to get this issue onto the radio tomorrow with a rep. from Yankton, so keep an eye out for that bulletin too.

Thanks everyone, for your prayers and support,


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From another friend:

From: Bluejay Pierce
Date: 4/22/2008 12:09:09 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:,
Subject: RED ALERT!!!!! In Yankton FORWARD WIDLEY!

I was just calling Faith over at Yankton to find out what happened at the meeting last night. HOWEVER, she had to cut me short and will call me back with more details after she gets off the phone with the attorney....

I need to have this info broadcasted far and wide ASAP please--

Faith Spotted Eagle stated that there "have now been approx. 30 people arrested and that reports are coming in that the SWAT team has been called into the area."

Please forward this information to ALL contacts, keep our Yankton relatives in your prayers. As soon as I can get more information, I will send another alert out.

THANKS everyone,

Shelley Bluejay Pierce


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Video of arrests....




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