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From: wredgranny8/24/08 2:10 PM 
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Still Smiling!
Anger burned,deep and bright within her heart,along that trail she walked,watching as her kin died knowing there would be no help,it was that anger kept her strong,kept her alive.
Each time she felt she would explode a song would start,and though forbidden in her own tongue she sang,giving strength to those who stumbled,giving a reason to go on.
They,thought they were prayers and laughed,they,thought we were mourning and made fun,they,were so very wrong,the songs were curses upon these others,begging for the Circle to turn.
Crazy laughter in her head,thinking of the future of this kind of man,nothing but death and destruction would ever be their path,they knew nothing else.
Power filled her spirit gifted strength from the ancients,a magic she would pass to her grandchildren,a knowing that one day the places would be changed.
Feed what grows inside her ancestors told her,keep it strong,give it to the young ones so they do not forget,and never let the stories die.
Tell them of the sacred places to be found,tell them over and over,along the trail leave them signs,if they listen and remember who they are,one day again our Nation will be strong.
Remind them every day,sing and pray,teach them of Creator,teach them proper ceremony so they too can find our guidance,remind them they come from a People proud and brave.
Make them remember the secrets of the caves,make them remember a few of the best of our kind ran,make them remember we are ONE Nation,that one day must return to each other.
Daughter of a People who walk in humble respect of Creator,life giver,wisdom keeper,make them remember their duty to each other,and the connection to their Mother Earth.
Anger burned,deep and bright within her heart,as she walked that Trail where our children died,an anger that kept her heritage alive,and her spirit proud.
A woman of The People,proud,strong,and wise,a smile that drove them crazy she kept upon her face through every trial,as she held her grandchildren tight!
as told by my grandmother!
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