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From: wredgranny8/24/08 2:14 PM 
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                                                       The Drum was Waiting!
    She stood there in silence with chaos all around her,two years,maybe three little face streaked with tears,blood splattered head to toe not one drop was her own.
    Mother would not rise and run,huddled there sound asleep,tiny hands kept shaking her,please etsi we must go,grandmother waits for us in the forest.
    Slapped to the ground by calloused hands,pushed away from mothers side,held by her hair and forced to watch as they cut out her mothers heart.
    Ears and hair were taken,from the bodies of her family,suddenly strong arms surround her,force her face into his collar,held tight against shaking shoulders.
    Into his eyes she dared to look,silent tears were running from those sky eyes before her,do not look little one,strange the yonega spoke her language.
    From the enemy she found kindness,in a world filled with madness,his gun turned on friends who dared try to take her from him.
    So,said his friends will you share when you are done,though she is kind of small there is enough for us all,suddenly that grinning face exploded.
    The little one was so confused,she had never seen the whites strike each other,this one I claim as my bounty,were his words to the others.
    You have the rest of the village,take your booty and claim your blood money,the government will be well pleased,one small child will not be missed.
    He placed her on his horse before him,away they rode from her family,three long days they traveled,to a cabin in the mountains near the river.
    Worn and weary beyond caring,the little one slumped in the saddle,half asleep she was lifted into the arms of the woman waiting there to greet him.
    Their own child had been taken,in the outbreak of spotted sickness,the woman's mind was nearly broken,her grief could not be comforted.
    Cradled in her arms like something precious,tears washed her face from the other,inside a warm bath was given,night gown found and she was sleeping.
    No,life would never be the same,and she would not forget the horror,but the little one would survive,the man and woman assured her life.
    Raised as white,like their own child,loved without reserve,many sneered at their weakness,for taking in that dirty savage,warned one day she would turn on them.
    Susie was the name they gave her,their little gift from Creator,and she in turn truly loved them,and worked so hard to make them proud of her.
    Not the only one it is true,but my friends there were so few,made to fit into a life so foreign to them,taught to hide their true beginnings.
    English was their only language,baptized as Christian to be accepted,dressed in strange clothing,from the outside they were yonega,but the drum inside was waiting!

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