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From: wredgranny8/24/08 2:19 PM 
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Two Hawks!
    Silently they watched her,sweat slick face close to purple,body arced in agony,squatting there within the cave,double layers of rabbit skin beneath her,oils and water waiting.
    One sound could bring disaster,the yonega hunters were near by,death stalked the lands around them,five women all alone a birthing would stop nothing if they were found.
    Her first child and she so young,if she cried out with the pain they were lost,the Elder thought back to the joy of bringing her own child forth,how the village had rejoiced.
    Each new life was precious,adding to the strength of the tribe,assuring the future of their lives,another to hunt,plant,or bring a message from Creator of healing for their kind.
    Something here was wrong,it was taking far too long even for a first child,the old one had no choice she prayed as she oiled her hands,the little one must be turned.
    She did not know how much more the girl could stand,her strength was fading fast and there was too much blood,she whispered go check see if they are close.
    Too the others she signed,hold her tight and lean back,quick and sure her hands were,and yet still the pain was too much blood ran from the girls bitten lip and she passed out.
    Now,while all was still the young one came forth,slipping from his mother to the waiting robes,the old one lifted him and ran,to the back of the cave for his first sound.
    A warrior she wanted to shout,smiling she lifted him high,only a cough and a sigh,even now he was wise,as she looked deep into his midnight eyes.
    The others tended to his mother,giving her the teas they had brought for her,they propped her carefully and handed her the little warrior,gentle hands telling her she had done well.
    In the night the old one slipped out,stepping silent through the forest,close to the village she went to see how her kin fared,her heart lifted with joy when her old eyes saw the happy fires.
    Danger this time had passed,prayers rose from her heart,Owl called to welcome her,from the tree he spoke,go back now and rest soon you can bring them home.
    As grandmother sun rose,two Hawks circled above the cave where the new child lay,here then she though is his name,in answer the feathers came one from each they gave.
    Life was hard but good,in the mountain valley where the village stood,one more day of freedom for a People that were ancient,one more child to continue.
    Morning prayers sang so heart felt,giving thanks for all things,as they looked out across the mist covered greenness,this was the home Creator gave them!

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