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From: wredgranny10/1/08 4:31 PM 
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    You were warned,you were told,did you not listen,did you close your ears to truth,did you close your mind to what you did not want to know?
    Mother Earth has been here long,seen changes come and changes go,circles,cycles,ice,and floods,warm up,cool off,quaking lands and mountains blow.
    Why the fear and finger pointing,why the claims of doom saying,why the blindness to what unfolds around you,are you still not ready for the balance?
    Human kind are the infants,four legs,finned,plants,and feathered are the Elders,you do not see them building fences,thinking they are kings of the mountain.
    Raging storms,fires,and flooding,entire lands are quickly changing,from our poisons the creeping things are dying,we show no respect for those who share earth.
    Such arrogance lives in the two legs,all they see they have claimed,by Devine right is the preaching,I think,therefore I am,their only answer.
    All the books in all the world,filled with ego ridden rules,saying man is creations end,the perfect product of Creators doing,when in truth we are the babies throwing temper tantrums to prove our worth to all Nations.
    To an end this time is coming,to the next one I look forward,to the ancients my ears were open,for the changes I am preparing,only those who do will survive this to see the dawning.
    What is there left to say,those who listen see a new day,those who close their eyes and minds,will not be ready for the time,they will cry out in the dark,and none will be there,to save them from themselves!
as told by my grandmother
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From: ctj201010/2/08 9:56 AM 
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This stuff I can relate to!



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