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From: wredgranny12/7/08 8:41 PM 
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Once the world lay in calm beauty, frozen, dark, and soulless,

caught between times of trouble, breath held in hoping

that this time it would be different

as the two legs climbed back from their disaster,

from world to world they had traveled

though Mother Earth was the only planet.

Time after time the humans have risen,

treasures found and rehidden,

lessons taught, by the few who held true understanding,

of what life was supposed to be,

and never learned them,

Creator, each time from love, 

taking pity, and believing these people could live in peace, together sharing.

Thawing would come, of both world and spirits,
promises made between man and Creator, that yes,
this time there would be no warring,
accepting with grateful hearts the warmth of Grandmother sun 
and the new plants growing,
Father Sky would clear, and the four winds return the seasons.
 For long and long
the need to work together kept them honest and humble,
respect of all the things that are greater,
learning from the birds, finned, and plant peoples,
the four legs gifting life and clothing,
being part of the all was most important,
controlling others held no power.
Worship of Creator held every heart,
knowing who and what one was,
where one belonged 
were the things that mattered,
play, laughter and loving became a part of living,
teaching the children who came after for the races survival,
sharing all in equal measure, meant that all were kin in every way.
 Each time, some small part was saved from the time of before
and those lessons, passed down in every family, laws to live by
and hard learned lessons for living, wise ones held these great secrets
trusted each generation for teaching,
held sacred and holy, they were the only leaders.
Memories of what could be, and what would be
if humanity did not remain humble,
each time the climb was shorter, each time recovery was quicker,
each time mankind fell harder,
each time they took more of life with them in their tumble,
each time they destroyed more of Mother Earth.
Perhaps the secrets should not be told,
of what was and could be,
perhaps if the climb was harder,
perhaps there is no hope of changing what will be,
perhaps the hearts of man can not control their own wanting's,
perhaps their need to be Creator, is stronger than their goodness?
 Once, an old woman told me,
only so many chances will be given,
she said the Circle has turned so many times since the true beginning,
and still, mankind is not understanding,
they dig and hunt,
cry and beg for answers of what once was,
but are too blind to see, they are already here before them.
A dance began in this climb, a tender balance struck and then fell,
Mother Earth now rebels,
and not one hears or listens to the secrets,
not one holds sacred the trust between man and Creator,
we tremble now on the edge,
the turning point is long gone
as those few weary spirits prepare for this fall.
I watch in humble silence
too tired now for fighting,
keeping my promise to those who came before,
but knowing in my heart it is over,
the battle has been lost, and so few are crying,
as the heat rises I know,
soon the world will lay in calm and frozen silence,
hoping, praying, this time......
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