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                                                 Old or New?
    Time now for story telling, brining forward what the ancestors protected
    troubled hearts are crying, asking Creator for explanations of death and sorrow.
    Every People were given a message, passed down for generations to their children
    there was no need for it to be written, until the coming of the Christians.
    "Gods", and devils, evil spirits, Hero's come to save us, these were lessons
     told in a way we would remember, and yet now they are contaminated.
     Man tried his lowly hand at control of life and land, taking things not meant for him
     hiding truth in "holy" writ, making himself seem more than his worth.
    Woman once was the leader, appointed so by Creator as life giver
    teacher, healer, magic keeper, ruled by heart and feeling.
    Now Mother Earth has had enough, all life trembles at her touch
    science guides the minds of man, they do not believe what they cannot hold.
    All the "mysteries" remain untold, they dance around the hidden truth
    refuse to believe what is before them, cycles, circles, they are turning.
    Silent laughter shakes my shoulders, as I watch while they smolder
    the "myths" they so disapprove, hold the answers they are seeking.
    Thunderbird, lifts from his ashes winging toward rebirth of the ages
    Coyote laughs, and rabbit dances, Eagle soars across the heavens.
    Seven Sisters in the Sky, White Buffalo in Sacred robes and holy smoke
    Rattle Snake swallows his own tail, time/untime speaks of travail.
    Why is there no evidence to see, humans walked the earth in dragons shadow
    where are all those bones scattered, if it is so that we are ancient?
    Washed away in many tides, ebb and flow since time began in ocean sounds
    burning was a thing of honor, the perfect way to return to Mother.
    To be buried was a horror, punishment for the worst offenders to be delivered
    interred for all time in suffocation, dark, dank, and hopeless they would suffer.
    So few it is true, but they are there if you look harder, those criminals so heartless
    even they left their lessons, messages for future generations instructions.
    While the real is ignored, so simple when they are explored with eyes open
    temples in humid jungles, pyramids have different meanings than are appointed.
    Flash frozen mammoths plead for attention, telling humans a strange story
    fire, ice, and massive flooding, stories kept by every human in their legends.
    Pagan we are called for believing our own stories, yet their religion is all borrowed
    mix and match from all of Europe, threads woven by those worse than evil.
    Hatred bred into their bones, blood sacrifice is what they hold sacred
    sending their own children into the fire, so proud to die defending their own lies of glory.
    Borrowed from the Vikings, Valhalla is their promise, golden streets and wings they offer
    harps played and halo'es worn, robes washed clean in holy blood of innocent children.
    Yet they miss the most important, digging in the dirt for answers already before them
    they burned the wise as witches, defending that false man made religion they created.
    They refuse to hear the Elders, kill without thinking all around them
    poison the air and waters, then whine about their world failing to support them.
    When will they see they cannot stop what has been started, it is more than global warming
    their counting time is not the answer, this too will pass into another new world.
    We wait with calm patience, for the ending of this cycle, spoken of by every Nation
    around the world grandmothers gather, knowing their tender healing is all that matters.
    Prepare then children of man, for you are warned that time will end
    there are places that are Sacred, within are all you will be needing for the future.
    Step back from the panic, do not allow it to enfold you in its madness
    fear will rule a short time, death and destruction of your own making follows.
    Peace then will come for a time, as those left must gather to rebuild and replant
    there it is true, nothing new as the Circle turns, but we will learn.
    Follow the drum beat to the rising sun, it is from there the answers come
    wisdom kept and passed to you, will reveal to all the shinning truth!

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